For small to medium businesses, eCommerce is a great opportunity to enhance both your brand and your bottom line. According to the NAB Online Retail sales Index, Australian consumers spent $17.4 billion online in the past 12 months.

This is a massive 6.2% growth compared to the previous year.

It’s not only online retail that’s growing, a recent survey by Sensis showed that 60% of SMB’s transact online and prefer this as a way of dealing with suppliers.

For SMB’s looking to grow their businesses, ecommerce is an important part of a digital business strategy, but there are some pitfalls to be aware of. If you want guaranteed growth through ecommerce, here are the essential strategies that you need to follow.


1. Easy-to-Understand Categories

One vital key to ecommerce success is simple and easy to understand navigation. Helping your customers easily find a product through logical labels, filters and parent categories will promote conversion.

2. Unique Product Content

This strategy will literally help you stand out from the competition as it helps to boost your SEO and draw people to your store. Keep your unique product descriptions to a maximum of 250 words with the broad terms in the product title and synonyms in the body text.

3. Stunning Images

A picture tells a thousand words and great product photos communicate information that your copy can’t. Great photos also work well with SEO, are an ambassador for your brand and are easily shareable on social media, leading to more sales.

4. Good URLs

Make sure your website addresses are easy to understand and navigable. There is a big difference between  and  . Focus on relevant keywords and separate different category keywords with hyphens.

5. Blog and Do It Regularly

Creating quality content on a regular basis ensures that your website isn’t left behind in Google’s search pages, and builds credibility with your potential customers. It also increases engagement, which you can use to drive customers to your ecommerce store.

6. Incentivise Customers

Purchase incentives like free shipping or discounted items in bundled purchases can give you the edge on the competition which may increase conversion. Things like discounted bonus items and free shipping over a certain price, help your average order value grow.

7. Abandoned Cart Emails

In the world of ecommerce many shopping carts are abandoned when customers fail to check out. Sending an email to these customers reminding them of purchase interest and encouraging them to act fast is surprisingly effective. Creative copy and discount incentives come in handy in these emails too.

8. Targeted Re-Marketing

Another quick note on abandoned shopping carts, targeted remarketing to these audiences via Facebook, display advertising, and Google Search advertising is another effective way to help promote sales. Time is of the essence here so act fast.

9. Customer Reviews

Not all products can make a sale on their own and positive customer reviews can make a big difference to your conversion rate. More than 60% of customers read product reviews before confirming a purchase and positive reviews have a significant positive impact on sales. On top of this, reviews are great for SEO with original content that uses your product name appearing on your site.

10. Clear Calls to Action

Having relatively short and clear calls to action with a single message can encourage people to make purchases. Adding a sense of urgency to a product greatly influences a customer to make a purchase. Creative and direct calls to action that say more than “buy now” often work best.

11. Short Checkout Process

Optimising your checkout process through innovative design, a self-contained checkout area and avoiding processes like signing in will help to ensure sales success and limit cart abandonment. Never sacrifice security though and always assure customers that their details are safe.

12. Recommend Products and Upsells

There is an art to ecommerce upselling and it’s important to get it right to maximise the small percentage of customers that this technique will work on. Make sure you offer relevant products and upgrades towards the end of the order and provide customers with options to frame upgrades as an either/or choice.

There you have it, implement these effective eCommerce strategies and watch your sales grow, your engagement increase and your brand enhance. For full digital marketing strategies and targeted results contact the team at Spotzer today.