The fire of rapid growth has forged some real talent here at Spotzer. We took some time to acknowledge a few of the brightest flames last week!

The pace is quick, the quality must remain high, and much like the Hydra, each pressing deadline you meet will only sprout two more in return. Sound like a nightmare? Not for the Spotzer team!

Across multiple offices worldwide, Spotzer has fostered a wealth of experience and dedication in our employees. We are a team, and we work together to accomplish our goals – no matter how lofty they may be.

Working like this can be challenging, but equally rewarding. To add an extra touch of recognition to the reward side, the executive team from each office has chosen a few standouts (though the decisions were certainly not easy ones!) to recognize as the June Employees of the Month.

Without further ado:


Kelly “Kel” Benson – CEO Award

The top honor – a personal award from Pete Urmson, Spotzer CEO – was a fairly easy choice. Tasked with launching and curating a blueprint for sustained success in our Centre of Excellence, Kel has exemplified what it means to go above and beyond in the name of personal and company growth.

Pete’s message to Kel:

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we all think you are doing a tremendous job.

I am particularly impressed with your very strong work ethic, attention to detail, and complete dedication to Spotzer and team spirit. I know you have being in the business for a very short period of time which make this even more special, and positions you as a stand out in the management team.

In my mind these are all the qualities of real leadership. You are incredibly easy to deal, personable and cognisant of others at all times. And you get the job done and on time.

Kelly, its great having you part of the leadership team. I have full confidence in you and your ability to help us grow the business in the right way.


Chris Haddon – Global HQ

Always smiling despite coming in to a loaded plate every morning, Chris injects intelligence and forward thinking into his work. The result is a clear path to success during partner launches and steady system uptimes. He’s so good at preventing problems that his work can sometimes be invisible. Not this time, Chris – enjoy the spotlight as our Global HQ Employee of the Month!

Here’s why the team thinks he deserves this award:

Under high pressure and near impossible deadlines, Chris (and the whole tech team, but especially Chris) has been leading the charge and putting in a massive effort to help us launch some new major partners. He has worked a few weekends in June to help launch important new partners, and is always on call whenever a problem happens with our infrastructure. He does an awful lot of work behind the scenes to keep our systems running.


Ashleigh Sawyer – Europe

Ashleigh is a superstar Client Manager and true leader by example among the UK team. She was an easy choice for this award, according to the management team:

Ashleigh deserves this award because she has worked tirelessly over the last month, faced many challenges and has gone above and beyond to make sure the client has been happy and looked after. She has also ensured all SLAs have been kept to and any concerns or issues have been addressed and resolved whilst training staff and addressing multiple partners.


Rudy Diaz – USA

Full of enthusiasm and driven by a can-do attitude, Rudy has stepped up recently to handle more than he already was in a time of need. His positive spirit is a valued addition to the Denver office, and we don’t know where we’d be without him!

This is why the Denver office thinks he deserves this award:

June was a very busy month for the Denver team. There was a lot going on with several of our partners. While another member of the team was out of town on his honeymoon (congrats, Devin!), Rudy stepped up and took care of one of our partners in his absence. He also managed to get trained up and started on yet another partner during this time – supporting that team’s work by doing intake calls and client relationship management. Rudy had to learn many new processes and several new products, all while continuing to train up our newest hire, Kaitlyn, on our best practices. He did this all with a great attitude.


Maddy Orgill – Australia

Maddy is an outstanding example of what it means to step up in times of need. Facing rising workloads and limited resources, Maddy managed to bring out the best in her colleagues while remaining focused on the end result. Way to go!

A few words from the Australian team:

Maddy has taken a pro-active approach in leading teams in Australia and New Zealand (even after notifying her there would be no team lead appointed at the moment), helping in particular with:

  • Onboarding and training the new Client Manager and coaching existing CMs.
  • Reaching out to both the partner and customer when resolving issues by providing detailed solutions.
  • Proactively contacting partner coordinator regarding customers.
  • Developing new strategies to maximise the use of team members’ strengths.
  • Offering support to other partners when needed.


Cherry Lou Dauz – Centre of Excellence

Cherry Lou is one of our rising stars in the nascent Centre of Excellence. With a steady track record of accomplishing tasks before the deadline (so she can get a head start on the next, of course), Cherry Lou has helped Kel and team create a pattern for sustained excellence – and she’s done it almost entirely from scratch!

Her team has a message for her:

Cherry Lou is a consistent performer across a wide variety of Client Management tasks. She is always ready to step up and help when needed and is able to handle complex or difficult orders in her stride. She has a great way of talking to clients, and will always strive to understand their needs and follow up to ensure that what they are asking for is acknowledged and completed through the production process. Cherry has been very helpful in training the newer Client Managers; she has a good attitude and work ethic, and overall, is a very valuable member of the team.

Alright, that wraps up our Employee of the Month awards for June. We’re looking forward to next month with excitement and enthusiasm – wherever there are challenges, there are opportunities to feel accomplished. We can’t wait to see who rises to the top next time!