It’s been a great month for Spotzer around the globe, and it’s once again time to recognize the standout performances

At the end of every month, the Spotzer teams gather in each office to celebrate recent successes and reflect on areas in which we can improve. Part of the process involves recognizing those who have achieved something particularly notable in the last few weeks, and it’s becoming a fun tradition in each of our offices around the globe.

Without further ado, here are the July Employees of the Month!

CEO Award – Matt Christian

Matt managed the launch of key partners along with assisting with Salesforce business as usual. He worked through his holiday in the UK and worked evenings and early mornings every day, every weekend. Matt managed partner calls at senior levels and gave senior leaders (such as CTO and CIO) a strong level of comfort that we can get the job done. Showed great leadership, teamwork and always with a smile!

Global HQ – Gloria Hou

Gloria is the example of what we embody in our values – she values every customer. As part of the finance team, her “customers” are often  employees , freelancers and vendors. She gives service with a smile, even if people are disgrunted, and goes the extra mile to help them. This was examplified when we started to generate freelancer invoices in January. Due to the implementation of this new system, Gloria had to work long nights with the IT team to make sure all invoices were correct and to ensure all questions and complaints from freelancers were handled with care. She always did this with a smile, and never complained.  In addition, over the two years she has been with us, she has grown into a cornerstone of our team. She is a great colleague!

APAC – Ty Pryor

Ty has stepped up in his Client Management role by showing a pro-active approach in training new people within the Australian team.  He has provided direction and guidance to all members within the team and has taken on any task given to him in a professional and timely manner.  Feedback from the partner has also been positive in regards to handling customer escalations and dealing with enquiries from sales reps.

Europe – Yunfei Li

A long-time development resource for both our design and our IT teams, Yunfei is known as “The Wolf” for his ability to hunt down and eliminate tough problems that others are stumped by. We believe Yunfei shows great patience when working with teams, takes on feedback well and always works tirelessly to ensure that jobs are completed to the best quality and highest standards, which makes him a perfect choice for the Amsterdam office Employee of the Month!

North America – Hayden Collins

Hayden has been working very hard to coordinate a new partnership, and his attitude is always fantastic – he is more than willing to help out the rest of the team. In addition to thoroughly completing day-to-day responsibilities, Hayden serves as a mentor to the rest of the team. He’s helped to find endless solutions to the many issues and problems we encounter daily. He does a great job in communicating with his customers and co-workers (both in Denver and abroad), and does so with a positive attitude. It’s this attitude that makes every day working with Hayden a good one!

Centre of Excellence – Reynally Mercado

Reynally has really stepped up to the challenge of the Client Management role since joining the CoE team at the end of May. She is always going over and above what is asked of her, and her attention to detail is always of a high standard. She is a great all-rounder, and her background in training and development will definitely benefit both herself and the team in the future. I am really pleased with what Rey has achieved in her short time with us, and I look forward to seeing her growth progress, both in her role, and the wider Spotzer team as a whole.

That’s all for now – be sure to come back and see us next month!