August wrapped up with a summer celebration across Spotzer’s global offices (winter for the Aussies). We recognised top performers and prepared for a busy September.

It’s been a busy summer at Spotzer: the IT team successfully concluded a number of complex partner launches, Jon Stribling settled into the Amsterdam office as Chief Digital Officer, our Italian team quadrupled in size, and the weather has kept us outdoors regularly (rare for a Dutch summer).

September is set to be Spotzer’s biggest month ever, which we are very excited about. Our teams continue to grow across the world, and it’s getting harder and harder to choose between the excellent performances we’ve seen in every office… but we gave it a try anyway!

Here are Spotzer’s Employees of the Month for August, along with a bit of explanation from their manager:

CEO Award – Cristina Kuyumzhu

Cristina has displayed exceptional work ethic and tenacity in driving our pilot projects, assisting with the partner management across multiple major enterprise partners.

Always with a smile on her face, always happy to work over to get the job done, and always with the utmost professionalism, she is a great team member who contributes across all departments. Cristina is able to work at a C level and all other levels, and then work to operationalise initiatives, which is a real talent.

Global HQ – Jochem Bokhorst

I could give this to anyone on the tech team, but Jochem has been an unsung hero this month.

Jochem is the gateway to all IT requests, fielding all the production support issues raised both internally and externally throughout the global offices. Not only does he put in an extraordinary effort every day, he does so in a very professional and friendly manner. During the office refurb, Jochem and Henk worked the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 10pm) to ensure we all had a working office to come back into. He is always willing to help anyone and I’m delighted to put him forward for Employee of the Month.

Europe – Pasquale Comita

Pasquale was appointed Team Leader one month after being hired as a Client Manager. His commitment to the team, the support he showed to his colleagues and the hard work he has put into growing our Italian market has been tangible since day one. Pasquale is extremely reliable and he has been pivotal in the training of the new hires, preparing all the documentation to support the training sessions and planning the trainers for each topic. He proved to be a natural born leader and a very nice colleague to all. (Note from the editor: His football skills are also quite impressive.)

North America – Louisa Hill

Louisa is a very talented designer and we are lucky to have her on our team. She is our go-to designer and is always quick to dive in and happy to help. Her work during partner launches has been crucial. Louisa has helped lead the design of our new landing page templates and possesses excellent attention to detail. She’ll take initiative to fix design errors or make crucial site improvements even if they are not mentioned in an assignment or task.

Louisa is always eager and willing to dive into a new product or project to expand her knowledge. In addition to being a great designer, Louisa is great to work with. She responds really well to feedback and is a joy to have in the office. Her sense of humor is great and will sometimes catch you off guard.

APAC – Paul Thymian

Paul has been with Spotzer for 10 months, moving quickly into roles of greater responsibility after showing a real knack for understanding his customers. In the last month he has endured a lot of change, with 3 new Client Managers coming on board in his department; in that time, Paul has really stepped up as a senior member of the team, showing a willingness to provide support to his teammates as well as continuing to deliver exceptional customer service.

With email and call tracking being introduced, Paul has set a benchmark as to what is required from the APAC Client Managers while also remaining positive and eager to assist where he can. Without a doubt, Paul is APAC’s employee of the month.

Centre of Excellence – Tony Dela Cruz

Tony has been a part of the CoE team since March, starting off as an outbound team member. In the past couple of months Tony has taken on many different Client Manager activities, one of which being the task of saving clients from cancellation. This puts him in the position of dealing directly with disgruntled clients daily, and he has handled this with a great attitude and empathy. Tony manages to create a great rapport with his clients, and his ability to bring a difficult or upset client around and back onboard is something he should be proud of. Tony is a team member that is constantly looking to evolve and improve his skills; he is also a great mentor and senior member for any new guys that come onboard. He’s a great motivator and team player and we are lucky to have him.

That’s all for now – come and see us as we kick off Fall with an action-packed September!