As the months pass by and the Spotzer team grows, it becomes more and more difficult to choose just a few employees to recognize. We’ve managed this time, but it’s been a standout month for Spotzer overall – and we’re looking at our most exciting month yet.

Read on for September’s Employees of the Month!


CEO Award

Anthony Collinson – VP APAC – Melbourne Office

Anthony has worked tirelessly to get Operations on track in Melbourne. He has been pivotal in launching new partners and hiring a new team for existing partners, all while working through the re-launch of yet another partner in the Australian market. He has stepped up in giving executive support and has eyes across the numbers and customer satisfaction metrics living up to our core principle in Valuing Every Customer.


Chris O’Neill – Client Manager UK – Amsterdam Office

Chris has really ”stepped up”, taking on new partner management of a major partner and learning quickly. He also kept the market moving forward whilst his Team Lead was on leave and continues to impress. He has also been complemented repeatedly for his professionalism, his dedication to results and his ability to deliver in the circumstances. Chris is on his way to taking his team to the next level.


Anurag Singh – Salesforce Developer – Amsterdam Office

Anurag joined the tech team just over 2 months ago, and the way he has gotten up to speed and delivered has been outstanding. His work and dedication on the workflow project ‘Nina’ has been brilliant, and the way he has easily slotted into the tech team and the company is great.


Travis McLellan – Client Manager APAC – Melbourne Office

Travis started working for Spotzer in February and after a few short months was quick to find his feet which saw him as integral part of the team, handling challenging enquiries and our Premium customers.

In the last 2 months, Travis has been the sole Client Manager on a new pilot, showing dedication to giving exceptional customer service while also providing meaningful feedback to the rest of the Spotzer team. Travis embodies what it means to be a leader, a team player and a role model for Spotzer’s core values.

United States

Kaitlyn Lattimer – Production Manager US – Denver Office

Kaitlyn is one of our newer hires in Denver and she is a great fit to our team. Kaitlyn’s positive attitude makes her a joy to have around the office. She has done a great job learning about our partners and products and quickly implementing that knowledge into her work every day. She works hard to find solutions for clients that would help them best generate business.

Kaitlyn is always willing to help out wherever we need her and is quick to dive in when we need support elsewhere in the business. Her hard work and great personality make coming in to work each day with her fun.


Marc Suarez – Senior Support Specialist – Manila Office

Marc is relatively new in the Manila office, but he has stepped up and into the responsibility of his role quickly. He has a positive can-do attitude and is a vocal team motivator. He is able to understand client needs and works hard to resolve any issues they have in a friendly and helpful manner. Marc has a natural rapport with his clients, which can sometimes be hard to create via email, but it really shines through as he regularly receives positive feedback via great ratings and comments.

Taking accountability of not only his own delivery, but the wider team as a whole, Marc has quickly moved in to a senior role, and is helping lead the team in both meeting our targets and creating happy clients.

That’s all for this month – come back and see us in November for a recap of this coming month (and the result of more difficult decisions).