Spotzer is proud to announce that CEO Pete Urmson was recently named to the board of SIINDA, the Search & Information Industry Association. The appointment was officially announced earlier this month at the “Local Reach” conference held in Ljubljana. SIINDA is the leading, European based, non-profit association that is bringing together companies in the search (digital, mobile, print, vertical directories and platforms), information, and telecommunication sectors as well as businesses providing “on demand” services. It is comprised of some of the largest and most influential global leaders in the search and information industry, including Google, Bing, Yext, Uberall,, FCR Media, and many more.

Of the appointment Urmson says, “I’m thrilled and honored to be joining the many talented board members of SIINDA. Spotzer is proud to be a member of SIINDA and I’m excited for this opportunity to connect with other leaders in the space and push forward thinking and innovation within the search and information industry.”



Congrats Pete!