img_20161025_154245_edited_editedYesterday at our headquarters in Amsterdam, we celebrated the monumental work anniversaries of two colleagues, Henk Rek and Maggie Ruan. From our start as a very successful video company, Henk and Maggie have been with us and are now two of our longest tenured employees, celebrating their 10-year and 8-year anniversaries, respectively.

A decade ago, Henk Rek joined Spotzer when we were just a fledgling video production company. Through the years, his role has evolved dramatically, as has the business at large. He currently serves as our Facilities & Post Production Manager and makes sure that our offices around the globe are running smoothly. His manager, Technical Director Matt Christian, commended Henk on his tremendous ability to adapt and thrive amongst all the changes and growth the company has seen over his long tenure.

Maggie Ruan has been with Spotzer for 8 years and is a Senior Financial Controller. Over her tenure, Maggie has been one of the hardest working members of our team. Her manager, Chief Financial Officer Teun van der Kamp, spoke of her hustle and incredible ability to not only manage the company’s complex financials but also balance a loving family as well.

CEO Pete Urmson congratulated the two and said, “Henk and Maggie are really the unsung heroes of our business and have been instrumental in helping shape the company we have today. They are the epitome of Spotzer’s ‘can-do’ culture.”

Thanks again Henk and Maggie for all you do!