October was another banner month for all of us here at Spotzer, with incredible growth and lots of new faces. With so many people contributing to the business in big ways, it was another tough call when it came to choosing our Employees of the Month! Read on to find out just who was recognized this month.

CEO Award

Ann-Charlotte Rosenblom – Chief Customer Officer – Amsterdam Office


Ann-Charlotte (or AC as we call her) is well known around the office for her fanatical work ethic and unparalleled commitment to the business. Over her time at Spotzer, she has relentlessly supported many initiatives and stakeholders across all parts of our global business. She is a consummate professional that embodies the true meaning of leadership in action. From building commercial models, contracts, leading teams of people, and working with partners at the C level and down, AC has done it all and done it well. This has been particularly evident over the past month, when she was not only taking on more projects than ever, but also preparing for a move to our Melbourne office!


Emanuele Papale – Web Designer- Amsterdam Office


Over the past 3 months, Emanuele has risen to be a key member of the Spotzer design team. Emanuele takes on every task with with a smile, has a positive outlook on work and life and keeps the energy of the team high. As a team mentor, he leads with passion, is patient, and provides and accepts feedback openly from all his peers. With so many new designers joining the team this fall, his leadership has been key to the team’s continued success.


Catherine Shannon – SEM Specialist – Amsterdam Office


Since starting at Spotzer in April, Cathy has shown tremendous growth. In just a few short months she has gone from optimising the simplest of our campaigns to proactively taking on the toughest of SEM challenges. Her understanding of Spotzer’s Ad-Direction platform has evolved to the point where she is now capable of supporting the SEM leads in generating Production Support tickets and maintaining performance from a technical perspective. In terms of SEM campaign performance, the numbers speak for themselves, with consistent improvement on all fronts week over week.


Oscar Strangio – Web Designer – Melbourne Office


Oscar has been instrumental in assisting Spotzer in bringing in new business from some big names like Telstra and Neto. His attention to detail and fantastic design work has amazed our partners and exemplifies the Spotzer motto of “Value Every Customer”. Moreover, Oscar is an incredible team player and is always more than willing to help anyone on our APAC team as well as around the globe with his positive, can-do attitude.

United States

Devin Hieb – Digital Production Manager- Denver Office


Devin is a tremendous member of not only our Denver team but of the Spotzer team at large. He is hard-working, has a keen attention to detail and is a joy to be around in the office. His positive attitude and dedication to delivering excellence in both service and product make him a great team member. Not only does Devin work hard to deliver a great product to each and every client, he is also incredibly receptive to feedback and quick to act on any suggestions that get thrown his way.


Allan Solitario – Junior SEM Campaign Manager – Manila Office

Allan joined the Manila team in August and faced a steep learning curve as our first SEM Representative in the office. However, he always tackles his workload with a positive attitude and incredible work ethic, and has added tremendous value to our SEM product for the partners he serves. Not only does Allan approach his work with a critical eye, providing valuable and constructive feedback where appropriate, but he has continued to provide the wider team in Manila with valuable SEO tips and advice, enabling Client Managers to speak to clients with more confidence about the SEO benefits Spotzer can provide.

Congrats to our October winners and stay tuned for our November awards!