After a year of unprecedented growth, Spotzer is poised for another year of success in 2017 as the company expands on its mission to deliver best in class digital marketing solutions to SMBs around the globe.

First and foremost for Spotzer, 2016 was a year of incredible internal growth. We significantly grew our teams, adding talented digital marketing professionals as well as expert developers from around the globe to the Spotzer family. We now have two ‘Centres of Excellence’ operating in Manilla, Philippines and Sofia, Bulgaria to support our operations in Europe, APAC, and the US. This structure allowed our primary offices to focus on product development and operational improvements. As a result, we doubled our partnerships, expanding our footprint in all our markets. In 2016, we also launched the Spotzer Agency, a new division of the company that focuses on bespoke products and services for the upper end of the SMB market. All in all, Spotzer’s success in 2016 can be tied back to the company’s core mission of “We Value Every Customer”.

This mission will also be the core of what we do in 2017. A key area of focus for Spotzer in the coming year will be product and technology development, allowing us to continue building great products that are meaningful to SMBs and our partners. A priority in this field will be to grow our Performance Marketing products to compliment and add value to our website products, which will greatly help to improve customer ROI. By working closely with our friends at Google and BING, we will continue to expand our proprietary ad serving technology platform, Ad-Direction, in order to offer great website solutions with performance marketing and SEO services. We are also set to launch more leading partners in the first half of 2017, with even more partners ready to launch in the second half. Not only does this give us great confidence that we can realize our high growth ambitions, it also allows us to continuously iterate and improve on our services, and pass these Spotzer Agencylearnings on to more partners and SMBs. This will also contribute to the expansion of our bespoke website and content marketing offerings that sit within the new Spotzer Agency. Of course, with even more growth comes the need for more talent, and Spotzer will continue to hire top professionals throughout the year. With so much expansion, we now also need more space. This year the Spotzer offices in Amsterdam, Melbourne, and Denver will all be looking to relocate to better functioning spaces in the same cities in order to meet the needs of our growing teams.

Of the coming year, Pete Urmson said, “Last year was a big one for Spotzer. We are continuing on the success and this is going to be a great year for our business that will present much opportunity for many as we build out our technology. We have much to do, and we are excited to hit the ground running.”