Fabrizia Sbrega

The start of the year has already come and gone, and Spotzer has been busier than ever. The entire team has clearly carried over the impressive work ethic from our successful 2016 into the new year, but six individuals really went above and beyond in the month of January. As such, we are celebrating them as our Employees of the Month.

CEO Award

Fabrizia Sbrega – Italian Client Manager Team Lead – Amsterdam Office

Fabrizia is the true personification of the Spotzer way. She is tenacious, dedicated to her colleagues and customers, always smiling, and constantly looking at positive solutions to address challenges and demands. She recently spent a fair amount of time in Sofia, setting up our newest office and onboarding the latest members of our team. She is truly a great team player who is always first to raise her hand and help with a smile.


Raphaela Wiedenhaus – German Client Manager Team Lead – Amsterdam Office

Raphaela has put in massive effort this month, onboarding new members of the German team all while keeping our partners happy. She maintains an exceptional level of professionalism with clients, colleagues, and partners, and always does whatever she can to move the business forward. Her can-do attitude and strong work ethic are the backbone of our success in the German market. She leads the German client managers with a smile on her face and her positivity is felt throughout the entire office.


Nidhi Tulsian – Assistant Accountant – Amsterdam Office

Nidhi might possibly be one of the busiest and hardest working members of Spotzer. In addition to her day-to-day work, she is completing her studies in accounting and is a loving mother. Over the past months, she has really stepped up for the finance team, taking on more roles and responsibilities, and even looking after operations over the Christmas holiday. She is an all-around team player and a joy to work with.


Dan Tolliday – Production Manager – Melbourne Office

Since joining Spotzer in April 2016, Dan has vastly improved the quality and efficiency of everything he touches. His knowledge of content marketing and willingness to both teach and learn has benefited our Australian copywriters, clients, and partners. Most recently, he has overseen record months of production, managing 1000s of units of content all while maintaining excellent quality scores and strict turnaround times. He has refreshed and retrained the APAC copywriting team, improved the briefing processes, spearheaded the consult calls, and built great relationships with the partner and his team of freelancers. Dan is also the go-to guy in the Melbourne office for copywriting and SEO queries across all partners and we are so thankful for his monumental contributions to the business.

United States

Rudy Diaz – Lead Client Manager – Denver Office

Rudy has a fantastic attitude, and it accompanies him every day in our Denver Office. As a lead client manager, Rudy expertly manages the communication between a very large partner, our Denver team, our team in Manila, and our designers in India. He often works late into the evening to chat with our team in Manila and coach them on how to improve the work we are doing together. Rudy is quick to make improvements based on feedback and is always willing to lend a hand to his teammates when they are overloaded. He is a fantastic person to work with and a joy to have in the Denver office.


Arlson (Ace) Sideño – Senior Partner Team Lead – Manila Office

His second award in just recent months, Manilla’s Employee of the Month could only go to Arlson (Ace) Sideño. Already having tackled many tasks across multiple partners, including email support, QA, Production and Task allocation, and process documentation, he continues to display the right attitude in balancing the team’s needs with his own growth and learning. Ace has been integral in training new team members, and ensuring we remain focused on quality improvement for our partners. Working closely with colleagues, he has shown his dedication to deliver, in both productivity and quality. Ace has continued again and again to prove himself as a well-rounded team player, who is always willing to step up to the plate and give it his all in every task he takes on. He has a mature and positive approach to his workload, and this solidifies him as a valued senior member of the Manila team.  

Congrats all!