Jon Stribling

Just as the year continues to fly by, so too is Spotzer continuing to expand and grow at record pace. In February alone, we hired 16 new team members and are set for a similar number of new hires in March. While the success of the first two months of the year has certainly been a team effort, there are seven employees who have gone above and beyond this past month in their commitment to the business, and thus have been awarded the coveted title of Employee of the Month.

CEO Award

Jon Stribling – Chief Digital Officer – Amsterdam Office

As the company’s Chief Digital Officer, Jon has helped lead the business into a period of unprecedented growth and is one of the driving forces behind Spotzer’s position as a global leader in technology and innovation. As the leader of our Tech and Product teams, he is a trusted manager and decision maker, who always listens to the diverse voices of his teams in order to drive the business forward. Jon demonstrates his devotion to Spotzer everyday, but perhaps never more so than when he and his entire family relocated to Amsterdam last year. Since then, he has been a dynamic presence in our head office.


Emily Brady – WordPress Project Manager – Amsterdam Office

As one of our first project managers, Emily is the office’s WordPress superstar. Over the years she has established herself as the go-to person for everything WordPress. This month, she really stepped up by keeping the WordPress team thriving while other members of the team shifted to cover other responsibilities. Personally and professionally she has grown so much, and is a joy to have around the office. She is also a member of the Amsterdam office’s fun committee, helping to plan and organize fun, team-building events for all to enjoy.


Francesca Bucchi – Italian Client Manager – Amsterdam Office

As one of the first members of Spotzer’s Platinum Care Team, Francesca is tasked day in and day out with dealing with some of our more unique and difficult Italian clients. The team has now grown tremendously, and Francesca is always more than willing to help bring new hires up to speed and work long hours to make sure we are always providing the best service to our Italian SMBs. As the team continues to grow, we are delighted to have Francesca at the helm, leading the team to more success.


Varshitha Shetty – QA Engineer – Amsterdam Office

As a QA engineer on Spotzer’s IT team, it can sometimes be more likely to communicate with Varshitha through a ticket than in real life. Her dedication and hard work truly makes her an unsung hero of the business. When not cranking through tickets and production issues, Varshitha is always eager to work on anything that is thrown her way and does so with a smile.


Sonia Constandelos – Client Manager – Melbourne Office

Due to unexpected resource changes this month, Sonia willingly and successfully managed to step up and take over an open Client Manager role all by herself. Handling all new order briefing, she has conquered the task without hesitation or complaint – frequently arriving to work early and leaving late. Since starting at Spotzer in September 2016, Sonia has become a real asset to the APAC team. But more importantly, the feedback she receives from customers is overwhelmingly positive. With her hard work and dedication, we can’t wait to see Sonia continue to reach new heights at Spotzer.

United States

Kaitlyn Lattimer – Production Manager – Denver Office

Kaitlyn joined us last May with a fantastic attitude and work ethic. Since then, she’s worked incredibly hard to learn more about our business and its offerings. Recently, she passed Google’s SEM certification tests, and is already using her new knowledge on client calls. Kaitlyn always wants to do more for Spotzer and after asking what more she could do, worked to take over production from the team in Amsterdam. She dove in head-first, asking the right questions and doing a fantastic job.


Sheila Carpentero – Email Support Specialist – Manila Office

Over the past few months, Sheila has really stepped up into her role and demonstrated that she is dedicated to focusing on customer satisfaction as her number one priority. Sheila has frequently raised her hand for new training opportunities and always shows she is keen to grow her knowledge across different partners and evolve her skill sets. Recently moving from one partner support team to another, she has picked up new tasks quickly, and is showing great efficiency and accuracy in her daily delivery. She is a positive member of the Manila team, and can be relied on to bring her all to every task, which makes this month’s award well deserved!

Congrats all!