Here at Spotzer, we’ve reported often on our rapid expansion. To help us properly manage and structure this exciting growth, we’re happy to announce that we are welcoming a new Director of People and Culture, Liesbeth van Doorne. Liesbeth will be tasked with empowering and helping the business develop an amazing culture by working collaboratively with all departments and levels. Previously she served as the HR manager at several organizations, and has also spent time in Fort Collins, CO, not too far from our US office in Denver.

As our new Director of People and Culture, Liesbeth will be focused on our main mission; that we will be global leaders in delivering calls and leads to small and medium businesses through innovative digital marketing platforms and fanatical customer service.

However, in order to do so we must share certain values. We value every customer, and everything we do, we do with their success in mind. We also value great products, design and innovation. Every day our creative forces are creating great new products and designs for our customers, discovering fresh new ways to create a lasting brand for them.

It all comes down to our people, who are our greatest assets. Together, we are the ones that make all of this happen. That’s why we truly value each other and we value having fun. We share everything, from exciting ideas and constructive feedback to boat rides and beers on sunny afternoons. We love challenging each other to find new ways to be better, faster and smarter at what we do.

Culture doesn’t have to be a neatly wrapped package, but it should be authentic as it sustains employee enthusiasm and happiness which is essential to our success!

Welcome Liesbeth!