Earlier this month, Spotzer CEO Pete Urmson presented at SIINDA’s workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark on “New Perspectives in Digital Sales”. To an audience comprised of CEOs, Product Directors, CTOs and Sales Directors from the search and marketing categories of major enterprise businesses across Europe, Urmson spoke of the importance of wrapping a tech enabled service layer around your digital marketing solutions.

“To win in this game it will always come down to service,” Urmson said. However, it is no longer enough to just have great customer service. Today, clients are looking for a more integrated solution that is tailored to them. That means ensuring the products you sell have service built into them. Having a tech stack that supports this is as critical as having the right website builder and other integrated product solutions.

Across our global network of partners, Spotzer has seen the difference this level of service can make. It is now necessary to expand your service level beyond a single consultation call. Diverse customer touch points combined with a well-informed and engaged team are the new keys to improving your sales results and helping your customers reach their marketing goals.

Looking to up your digital sales game and reach a greater level of customer service? See what Spotzer can do for you.