There’s a chill in the air here in Amsterdam, which can only mean one thing; fall is here! And along with it are our rockstars for the month of September. Our team is growing bigger and bigger so we have the inclusion of two new awards from now on; one for our QA team and a company wide Quality award to celebrate one team member’s outstanding dedication to our number one mission: to produce the highest quality work for our clients.


CEO Award
Raphaela Wiedenhaus – Operations Manager EU

This month’s CEO award was an easy choice. Not only has Raphaela grown so much over her entire career at Spotzer, moving up from client manager to operations manager; she also excels tremendously in anything she does. Over the past few months she has managed the lightning fast growth of two teams in two different markets all while being a data whiz and putting in extra hours to make sure our reports and numbers made sense and that we were making sound decisions based on analytics. She is also a delight to work with and encourages everyone around her to work harder, smarter, and better.


Giulia Tavoni – Italian Client Manager

The Italian team’s award this month goes to Giulia Tavoni. Giulia may be one of the youngest members of our company, joining straight out of university, but she has proven that she can support our most demanding clients on the phone all while focusing on improving her own skills. She is always available for her colleagues, and is such a nice teammate to work with.


Steven Griffith – Production Support Team Leader

The HQ award is long overdue for Steven who not only manages to keep us up and running day in and day out, but did so under the incredible challenge of moving offices at the end of the summer. With hundreds of computers to move, and responsible for the installation of our upgraded network and server equipment, Steve and his team made sure everyone was set up and connected without losing a minute of work productivity. He is always willing to lend a hand, no matter what the issue may be.


Tobias Ridder – German Client Manager

Tobias is our set live king and is quickly becoming an upsell hero. He is a model team member, promptly taking feedback and implementing it straightaway into his work. He clearly uses his psychology degree to his advantage, causing nearly all clients to eat out of his hand. He constantly brings in new ideas and solutions, rolling out new initiatives to the whole team.


Tim Schillinger – Designer

Tim exudes a can-do, positive attitude no matter how challenging a situation he is faced with. The idea of going the extra mile to get a build over the finish line on time does not deter him or dampen his positive outlook. He demonstrates great agility to go back and forth between Duda, WordPress, and other website builders and is consistently happy to jump in and help on any project. Tim’s positive outlook, team player mentality, and dedication to quality makes him a fabulous asset to the team and our US employee of the month.


Sheila Carpentero – Client Manager

Sheila has maintained a solid performance for September, working across multiple partners as a Client Manager for both emails and calls. She can be relied on to keep her eye on the ball, and always takes accountability for improving her own quality and performance. She has a strong customer centric focus, and can be relied on to step up and help the team wherever needed. She consistently maintains great feedback scores, which is essential in understanding how satisfied clients are with our level of service. The fact that she is often one of the first people to arrive in the office in the morning is a demonstration to her commitment to her role. Not to mention the fact she also won one of our AFL Final Footy Tipping competitions in September, which also makes her more than deserving of the award for this month!


Justin Grigoleit – Client Manager

Having already won Employee of the Month in June of this year, Justin Grigoleit’s can-do attitude in combination with his escalation handling and resolution skills have made him a worthy double winner. Justin regularly displays a unique ability to put the client’s needs at the very forefront of his attention when solving problems. He has assisted new client managers at the Melbourne office, helped the broader team with any issues they face, and always over-delivers on expectations.



QA Operations
Andrea Carlini – Design QA Specialist

Andrea joined the Spotzer team in November of 2016 to assist with the migration of websites for our Italian partner. He quickly became an integral part of the QA team and has gained an extensive level of knowledge on various platforms and partners. Quietly working on projects and ensuring that all orders meet Spotzer’s standards of excellence, Andrea is always willing to help and coach new members of the team. Most recently, he created a new Quality Assurance checklist and training guide for one of our global partners on his own initiative. Well done Andrea for working diligently to ensure Spotzer only delivers the highest quality websites for our partners.


QA Team Award for Excellence in Quality
Joel Basson – Full Stack Developer

Joel is a very new member of the Spotzer family. We have awarded him this honor for his work on our brand new automated QA platform. Joel’s work on this project will not only save time and build efficiency in our QA process but also has a significant financial impact to Spotzer’s bottom line. The QA team looks forward to continuing their collaboration with Joel and the IT team in order to deliver the highest quality sites for our partners and customers.



Congrats all!