As the cold weather sits in on our teams in Amsterdam and Denver, and summer’s rays find their way to Australia, the team at Spotzer has been hard at work over the past month, onboarding plenty of new partners, and bringing on a few key team members to help us continue to expand. Read on to learn more about our October all stars who have helped get us to this point.

CEO Award – Anna Lejnar & Christy Avant
This month’s CEO award goes to two very deserving members of our Denver team, Anna Lejnar and Christy Avant. Both have made major contributions to building up partner confidence in our US office, through their positivity, motivation, emphasis on people development, and training efforts. They embody what it means to be laser focused on customer satisfaction resulting in great customer feedback.

Italy – Giovanna Valsecchi
Giovanna joined us a little less than a year ago but has made a tremendous contribution to the business in such a short amount of time. She hires, manages, trains, and coaches our ever expanding pool of remote Italian freelance copywriters and does so in an excellent way. Over her time at Spotzer has has introduced innovative methods for keeping writers engaged such as creating video tutorials for SEO guidelines and maintaining an entire online wiki dedicated to Italian copy creation to ensure quality, speed, and best practice are respected. Thanks to her dedication to our writers, she is able to ensure that thee best copywriters are rewarded and others receive the right training to succeed. She also leads a great team of experienced in-house proofreaders who help daily to oversee the quality of the text and provide feedback to copywriters and client managers. The quality results are just stunning and this is reflected in the happiness of customers and partner!

HQ – Nidhi Tulsian
Nidhi has proven once again to be an invaluable member of the Spotzer team. On this occasion, we’d like to recognize her flexibility and her capacity to help, jumping into the challenge of taking over one of our most important internal processes and mastering it in a matter of a few days, without even a flinch, and always with a smile on her face! She is a pleasure to work with and truly embodies every one of the Spotzer values.

Europe – Dragos Ciobanu
Dragos consistently performs at the highest level as one of our UK client managers. He goes about his day to day with a smile on his face and a continuous drive to improve. Provide him with training once, and its learnings are immediately implemented. Never an issue, Dragos’ consistent performance and high spirit are an example to his whole team and the rest of the business.

QA Team – Francesca Levato
Never tired of mistakes, this person manages to address all of them professionally as one of our star Italian proofreaders. Constantly focusing on finding the best terminology and solution, Francesca plays with words, as if she is filling in a beautiful puzzle of coherence and fluency. When you read her copy, you will never find a mistake, even if the day at work has been super intense. Her commitment to quality really shows.

Quality Excellence Award – Kevin van Eekhout
Kevin has been instrumental in training our design and CM teams on quality assurance and performing QA at each level of production, all while traveling the globe these past few months. Working with our Manila team for several weeks, Kevin trained our new designers on how we create great sites for our partners. Home in Amsterdam for one short week, he then traveled to our Denver office and is currently spending 6 weeks there training the team. He continues to coach Manila and Amsterdam from afar. We want to thank Kevin for his dedication to Spotzer and his high standards of excellence.

Denver – Kaitlyn Lattimer
Kaitlyn has always been a positive presence to the US office. As our unofficial Social Director, she is always sure to keep the team in good spirits and consistently exudes an unwavering positive attitude. Over the last 3 months, Kaitlyn’s drive, versatility, and unparalleled customer service have made her a go-to employee for new projects and support. She has become a true utility player who has balanced working on 4 partners simultaneously and has received positive reviews from all of them. Kaitlyn is always willing to jump into any project when asked and has a consistent track record of delivering results, making her the perfect fit for this month’s US employee of the month.

AU – Patricio Rodriguez
Since winning this award in June of this year, Pato has continued his marvellous form to again take Australia’s Employee of the Month award for the second time. Pato’s unquestionable work ethic combined with his ability to take on a massive volume of work makes him APAC’s most resilient and hard-working designer. He continues to step up to the plate, is a master problem-solver, and vital to the continuation of Spotzer’s growth in 2018.

Manila – Junelle Narra
Throughout October, Junelle has continued to show her commitment to customer service and to making sure our correct processes are followed. She is stepping up and enthusiastically taking on new tasks across a range of partners and is always keen to grow and build on her skill set. She has a positive attitude when approaching any new challenge, and has been integral in helping create and manage a variety of team social events. Once again this recognition is well deserved for Junelle, and we look forward to seeing her evolving further in her role over the coming months.

Congrats all!