It’s been a fantastic month for Spotzer as we prepare our international team for what looks to be a very busy 2018. Our offices across the globe have been firing on all cylinders, developing first-rate marketing technology to empower SMBs and delivering outstanding products for our partners. Every single member of the team has gone above and beyond in their dedication to the Spotzer vision and we want to recognise a few of the people who’ve helped November to be such a great month.

Karen Migoni

HQ Award – Karen Migoni

Karen’s commitment to Spotzer and to delivering quality products to customers it’s outstanding. Even while working long hours behind the scenes to ensure customers get a killer website, we can see her working and performing with a smile. She is passionate about helping SMBs building their businesses and great design, and it definitely shows in the way Karen does her job!

Astrid Du FourQuality Excellence Award – Astrid Du Four

As one of our design QA team, Astrid’s work has been essential in improving standards across the board. She rose to the challenge when we entrusted her with work for new partners and delivered results far beyond what was asked. A dedicated and conscientious employee, Astrid cares deeply about the people she works with and is a fantastic motivator to the rest of us in the firm. Her excellent sense of humour and unshakeable concentration sets an example for us all and she is a joy to work with.

QA Team – Francesco Maretti

Francesco is a truly exceptional person to work with. On top of his performance this month, Francesco deserves recognition for the perseverance and determination that has carried him through his time so far at Spotzer. The QA team applauds Francesco for striking a careful balance between meticulous attention to detail and the demands of working in a fast-paced environment like Spotzer HQ. Francesco’s passion for all things design makes a massive difference to our products, with his critical eye consistently highlighting ways to get the best out of our skilled designers.


Ash LombergCEO Award – Ash Lomberg

Simply put, Ash is greasing the wheels of Spotzer’s growth. As our Chief Commercial Officer Ash has driven the sales and partnerships that make us what we are today. With every conversation Ash brings forward innovative ideas for our strategy and how Spotzer can improve its service offering to our global clientele, which makes him an invaluable team member. His 24/7 dedication has been integral to forging the lasting partnerships which are key to our success, which is why we’re really pleased to give him a CEO award this month.

CEO Award – Kevin van EekhoutKevin Van Eekhout

Only three months ago, Kevin was elevated to our Team Leader for Design. With that came a great deal of responsibility and we knew we could rely on Kevin to deliver the goods. After he took the position by the horns, it was clear that he was an inspiration for us all at Spotzer, able to be relied on even in the most demanding of times. Recently Kevin was charged with training designers across our global offices, enhancing their skills and ensuring our products continue to be best-in-class. We cannot thank Kevin enough for his time and dedication and we expect to see him go from strength to strength over the coming months and years. Well done Kevin!

Saul O'KeeffeEurope – Saul O’Keeffe

Since joining us in the Summer of this year as our UK Copy Editor, Saul has maintained an attitude that is always positive, upbeat and highly professional. He’s boosted results with our partners from day one and is happy to be as flexible and adaptable as the rest of the team needs in order to get the job done. Offering his time and insight on everything from client relations to changes in processes, he’s an asset to Spotzer who cares a great deal about the job in hand; we look forward to working with him in 2018!

IOL – Marco AmorosoMarco Amoroso

Marco joined Spotzer less than a year ago but has already proved himself to be an indispensable Client Manager. His positive attitude and calm approach gives the entire department the energy and enthusiasm that they need to succeed. What’s more he is a proactive team player who deftly handles new products and processes, which is why we’re proud to work with Marco and name him our employee of the month for November.

Kyle MuhrDenver – Kyle Muhr

Kyle is the type of employee that is not afraid to take on difficult jobs, have challenging conversations with clients, or generally do what is needed to positively push us forward. Even when faced with particularly difficult designs or hard-to-gauge clients, he doesn’t back down – in fact he uses these as examples for making improvements for the next project. Nothing deters Kyle from delivering a top quality product to the client and his deep understanding of what it takes to make a project successful is reflected in everything he works on. He always makes time to talk through a concept with both teammates and clients, taking great care to keep everyone on the same page.  Kyle’s dedication to customers, innovation, design and his teammates is what makes him our employee of the month for November.

Australia – Luvna MunisamyLuvna Munisamy

Luvna has been instrumental in helping achieve great results for our PPC and SEO clients. For almost a year, she has been the Melbourne office’s SEO and SEM guru, combining technical skills with her superior customer service ability. Building out quality campaigns and performing quality keyword research on a consistent basis, Luvna always puts client needs first when determining the goals of their business. As a winner of the award in August this year, Luvna should be quite proud of the accomplishments and growth she was responsible for as 2017 draws to a close. Well done Luvna!

Mike CeriacoManila – Mike Ceriaco

Mike has been a proactive and reliable member of the Manila team since coming on board as a Designer with us back in June. He’s always willing to jump in and give a hand where needed or raise a flag when there’s an issue. He is continually challenging himself to meet quality and productivity targets, and has a keen eye for process improvement opportunities. He is a trusted point of contact for other offices, working closely with Amsterdam team to troubleshoot and improve our overall output, and sets a great example for other team members.