Some of our Team in Amsterdam

2017 has been a truly momentous year for Spotzer. We’ve grown by over 300%, introduced 20 enterprise partners from around the world and become a dominant player in SMB marketing in Europe and Australia. Our technology has been transformed over the last 12 months as we invest in new PPC and SEO solutions that will keep us ahead of the competition for years to come. Spotzer’s growth truly has been fantastic this year and we’re looking forward to carrying these successes into 2018.

Anyone who knows us well can attest to the unrelenting efforts of our team, which is the true secret to our success. Every member of staff has shown themselves to be indispensable as we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver products that are unmatched in the field. However there were some Spotzer superstars whose hard work and dedication simply could not go unrecognised as they came up with the goods time and time again this year. We hope you’ll join us in wishing a big congratulations to our employees of the year!


Raphaela WiedenhausCEO Employee of the Year – Raphaela Wiedenhaus

Raphaela came to Spotzer two years ago as a Client Manager and has risen to become German Operations Manager. Such a stellar rise is extremely hard to accomplish, but Raphaela is not like other professionals in her field. She is wholly committed to our partners and customers and has bent over backwards for them time and time again. Since joining Spotzer Raphaela has shown extraordinary professional and personal growth, leaving her own mark on the way we do business as she expanded our German Client Manager team from two to twenty-six. What’s more she’s an exceptionally collaborative manager, bridging gaps between departments and our global offices to improve standards across the board and get the job right first time.

Raphaela is the CEO’s choice for employee of the year thanks to her outstanding leadership qualities and her instrumental role in so many of the milestones Spotzer passed this year. She’s worked on our largest accounts and returned with nothing but growth, both for herself and Spotzer as a whole. She’s a joy to work with and we thank her for her superhuman efforts over the last 12 months.

Rebecca ClarkeHQ Employee of the Year – Rebecca Clarke

Rebecca joined Spotzer in September 2016 and is the Talent Acquisition Manager at our HQ in Amsterdam. This year has seen massive growth not only in our output and in our product range, but also in the number of people needed to keep the show on the road! Rebecca has risen to this challenge spectacularly, finding the best possible talent for Spotzer as we essentially doubled in size over the year. As an adaptive and constantly evolving company, our staffing needs change rapidly and Rebecca has never fallen behind. Whether it’s a request for Flemish-speaking copywriters on a Friday night or the twentieth call to a potential hire, she gets the job done no matter what.

From the moment Rebecca joined the team, we realised we had someone very special working with us. Every single day, Rebecca displays the behaviour that we love to see in all our people; positive, committed and passionate. It’s a work ethic that hasn’t wavered once and we’re proud to count her as our colleague. For this and her countless amazing hires this year, we name her employee of the year.

Guilia MalapontiHQ Operations Employee of the Year – Giulia Malaponti

It’s very rare to find a colleague as capable and dedicated as Giulia. Throughout 2017 Giulia has worked countless hours of overtime to onboard new partners in the Italian market, keeping both parties on solid ground so that we build productive relationships that last. Taking a proactive approach with every customer, she’s spearheaded new training methods and commercial strategies that keep us tight with our partners’ expectations and enable us to train new staff quickly. Resultantly she’s been responsible for several of the best websites we’ve built this year, or in fact in our history.

We recognise Giulia as employee of the year because of her unsurpassed loyalty to her team; she has met every tight deadline she’s been given and is a colleague you can count on. From training and onboarding our new designer team in Sofia to completing internal design projects, Giulia has taken it all in her stride. Much of Spotzer’s success this year has been down to the unflinching professionalism Giulia has shown and we are excited to work with her through 2018 and hopefully for many years to come.

Anna LejnarUS Employee of the Year – Anna Lejnar

Spotzer has grown at an exponential rate over the last year. The US office has reflected this rapid growth, seeing new partners, new employees, and a new office. Rapid growth puts you to the test on a daily basis but it also provides opportunities for employees to step up, take ownership of projects and deliver greater value to the team. Anna started as a client manager just under 9 months ago but her drive, instinct, and quick learning curve allowed her to advance to the role of US Operations Manager.

Anna brings an unbeatable energy to the team and is always willing to help wherever needed. Despite having a lot on her plate, she is always eager to bring new ideas or to talk out a challenging situation with the team. Anna’s consistent commitment to ensuring the entire team produces the highest level of work while focusing on our values of customers, design, innovation, and each other is what makes her the US Employee of the year.

Patricio RodriguezAustralia Employee of the Year – Patricio Rodriguez

With a unique flair for creating high-quality, lightning fast design that makes even the fussiest of clients beg for more, Spotzer’s senior designer, Pato Rodriguez, is the winner of this year’s APAC Employee of the Year Award. It’s not just Pato’s design ability that makes him a clear standout in 2017; his interpersonal and problem-solving skills – coupled with a thirst for exceeding client expectations – guarantees each project he manages is completed in a meticulous yet timely manner.

When it comes to his work, Pato has a superhuman ability to handle loads of any size. He manages his team of designers with superior leadership and a reliable willingness to come whenever he is needed…always with a smile on his face. Felicitaciones Pato! We hope you get the chance to take a well-earned siesta over the holidays, as we prepare for another massive year in 2018.



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