Snowy Amsterdam in January

Well, that certainly was a busy month! Spotzer has been working harder than ever in the first weeks of 2018 and we’ve achieved several massive milestones. Our tech team, client managers and designers have worked their socks off yet again and we’re really excited to name our employees of the month for January. Of course, all the great work we do here at Spotzer is the result of collective efforts and employees who never give up – but here are a few of the names who really shone through this month.

CEO Award

Jon StriblingJon Stribling – Chief Digital Officer

Jon went far above the call of duty to ensure our customers and partners experienced great results from the technology developed for SpotzerAds. He made a quick round-the-world trip to ensure our major Australian partners were happy, then rapidly mobilised his team in Spotzer’s Amsterdam HQ to deliver on their requirements. Somehow he also found time to launch SpotOn V1, as well as a one-of-a-kind Custom Quoting tool for our biggest UK partner. Most workers would have called it a month there, but Jon also launched a PPC Estimator tool that offers unparalleled levels of accuracy for our partners and sales team. The SpotzerAds platform has never been stronger and it’s Jon’s initiative that made it so. A huge thank you to Jon, you’re doing a great job!


Operations Award

Lore Dezeure – Belgian Client ManagerLore Dezeure

Since joining Spotzer in November 2017, Lore has proven herself to be a complete rockstar! She mastered processes and platforms in no time, and she has done everything so efficiently that she set 40 sites live in January. Lore’s determination and the passion she puts into her job has rubbed off on the rest of her team, showing her to be a real asset to the firm. What would take an average worker days will take only hours for Lore, while her kind nature makes her a real pleasure to spend the working day with. It’s client managers like this who have helped Spotzer see success for over 10 years and the rest of us doff our caps to you Lore!  


Global Content & Design

Riccardo Pallicelli – Senior Web Designer

Riccardo showcases all that is great about Spotzer: he is a team player, always happy to help and coach, and produces high quality work. Recently, Riccardo has been getting more involved in global assignments and has achieved impressive results working on the ReachLocal project alongside out teams in Denver, Manila and Amsterdam. Riccardo is one of the most talented designers Spotzer has ever had on its books, amazing all of us with what he produces for Spotzer, as well as his personal design work. We are lucky to work with someone as down-to-earth as Riccardo and he certainly has a bright future ahead of him.


HQ Award

Dave Elliott – SEO Product ManagerDave Elliott

Dave Elliott worked tirelessly on two strategic initiatives for Spotzer, steering the development of new onboarding experiences for our partners and their customers. The new products developed make it easier for our partners to place and track orders for digital marketing products including websites, SEO, and content. Dave’s work has been essential as we use these tools to help our partners grow their businesses and deliver online success for their SMB customers. He is a linchpin for Spotzer and the value of his knowledge cannot be understated. For putting in a phenomenal amount of effort and producing unbelievable results, we proudly name Dave as our HQ employee of the month.


Denver Team Award

Armando Espinosa-NaidooArmando Espinosa-Naidoo

Armando is a full of positive energy and enthusiasm. He knows how to get the job done while bringing a smile to the faces of both clients and coworkers. Armando rose to the challenge this month as he volunteered to take a lead role on several projects, including critical work on a QA initiative. Armando has displayed tremendous professional growth since his start with Spotzer in May of 2017 and we are all happy to have him as a part of the team.




Melbourne Team Award

Rene Aalbers

René Aalbers

With Spotzer Melbourne moving to the bustling CBD during mid-February, the winner of January’s Employee of the Month award has been instrumental in helping make this move a reality. René Aalbers has been with Spotzer since June 2015, working diligently with a sound understanding of our systems, providing valuable reporting and technical understanding especially around CRMs, hosting and domains. With a dazzling collection of shirts matched only by his ability to always get things done, René is a valued member of the Spotzer team, both locally and globally. Congratulations René. We’re all looking forward to stepping foot into the new office and knew you could pull it off!