Ash Lomberg (CCO) and Gabriele Petrone (CTO) with Ms Alison Rose - British Ambassador to Belgium.

This week, Spotzer’s Ash Lomberg (CCO) and Gabriele Petrone (CTO) were invited to the British High Commission in Belgium after being named ‘One to Watch’ at the European Business Awards 2018. From an initial 100,000 businesses under consideration, we are very proud to have reached the final shortlist of just 30! Joining team Spotzer at the winners’ ceremony in Brussels were 29 of the most respected firms in Benelux, all determined to make a positive difference in society though their work, culture and talents.

People who know Spotzer understand our passion for helping small businesses. Valuing every customer, respecting our colleagues and investing in quality is how we became the bustling and dynamic firm we are today. Our mission to make a positive impact has seen us grow by over 300% in the last 3 years, with no sign of slowing down! This recognition for our approach is a testament to the efforts of every member of staff, from developers and designers to client managers and copywriters.

‘I have never been more proud of our teams,’ said Peter Urmson, Spotzer’s CEO. He continued ‘their dedication to providing top technology and marketing solutions for our SMB customers is a daily challenge that they constantly step up to. Recognition for their work is meaningful and encouraging, and we look forward to creating new opportunities for them.’

Since 2007, The European Business Awards have been rewarding the innovators, success stories and ethical entrepreneurs of European business. The awards exist because the organisation truly believes that business has a key role to play in tackling the major issues faced by Europe and the world; from unemployment to climate and environmental challenges, conflict and poverty. The organisation believes that creating stronger, more successful, innovative and ethical business communities will help address these changes. We at Spotzer feel the same way and are excited to make a positive change not only here in Europe, but from our offices across the world.

Spotzer is headquartered in Amsterdam and is a global leader in providing technology and marketing services through its websites, Spotzer Ads SEM platform and power content. We serve 6,000 new customers every month globally. For any questions about Spotzer please contact