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CEO Award – Darcy Pfizer
Darcy has a wonderful work ethic, which guarantees commitment, consistency and a dedication to customers and all those he comes into contact with. He leaves a mark of positivity on every person and project he is connected with and consistently delivers improvements. When asked to step up he goes above and beyond the call of duty with an infectious enthusiasm, which never fails to motivate others in the team. His recent successes in stakeholder management span every division and improve communications between Australia and Amsterdam HQ. Congratulations Darcy for the deserved recognition of the CEO Award for March.

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Operations Award – Nicole Edwards
Nicole has that amazing quality to be able to talk with customers and take them through their own incredible journey. She embraces the ability to learn really quickly and has gained the confidence to work on multiple projects with numerous partners, simultaneously. Colleagues and managers alike take their hat off to Nicole for her hard work and conscientious commitment to the customer. A bright star, a shining example and an inspiration to all of us who are lucky enough to work alongside her. The combination of professionalism with personality is the very essence of Nicole, a worthy recipient of the Operations Award for March.

Global Content & Design – Emanuele Papale
A talented designer who, since joining Spotzer 1 ½ years ago, has always had a smile on his face. Emanuele drives the team forward with his passion and personality. He has the amazing ability to perform at the highest levels, to be prolific but never compromise quality. With a ‘glass half full’ attitude that says yes to all the challenges that come his way, Emanuele has shown consistency and a commitment to the highest standards. A deserved winner of this award, long may you continue to impress, inspire, create and collaborate, to push the boundaries at every opportunity. With a beautiful ability to spread positivity and the joy of great design and innovation, we look forward to seeing where Emanuele’s talents can take us next.

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HQ Award – Chris Haddon
Chris is committed to the point of being unstoppable, persistent to the point of being a perfectionist and all this wrapped up in one of the most approachable, generous and helpful colleagues you could ever meet. As the drive and direction behind Spotzer Ads he proves how powerful communication and creativity can be. Chris has an intelligence and foresight to forge forward with confidence but always with a smile and the calm persona that produces results. Often his work goes unseen, behind the scenes but it’s such a valuable contribution to what we all need to do our jobs and so this award is to show our love for you Chris and all that you do. Congratulations on the HQ Award!

Denver Team Award – Joshua Weber
Joshua is the ultimate team player. Self motivated and totally organised, we all know we can rely on Joshua. He clearly understands his clients and knows how to work with them to fulfill customers’ needs and desires. His positive attitude and team mentality have proved a success and forged a path to an excellent customer experience. Warm words of praise towards Joshua are evidence of his popularity and an endorsement of his desire to keep improving the processes for continued success. A worthy winner of the Denver team Award for March!

Melbourne Team Award – Sonia Constandelos
For several years, Sonia has impressed with an attitude that combines consistent hard work with a valuable mentoring approach towards teammates. She possesses fantastic attention to detail and a passion for perfection, resulting in excellent relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Sonia leads by example and truly guides others while helping them to grow in confidence too. She knows what it takes to make a good site become a great site and turn a good experience into a great experience. Sonia’s high standards and admirable values make her a perfect fit for the Melbourne Team Award this month, Congratulations Sonia!

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Manila Team Award – Nomer Ramos
Nomer is the perfect example of how you don’t necessarily need to be the loudest voice in the company to achieve results. As a key point of knowledge and the person many team members go to for help, he clearly understands requirements and never fails to deliver. He is reliable and always willing to step in and help, a valuable cog in the bigger machine, a combination of wisdom and work ethic. Nomer’s understanding of deadlines and customer dynamics help him to help others towards the common goal of successful support and delivery. Well done Nomer!
Winner of our Manila Team Award for this month.