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Recently Peter Urmson, Spotzer CEO, talked at Microsoft’s European Head office in London, addressing 200 of top CEO from the Directory and Search industry at SIINDA’s Localcomm. He talked about the positive impact of Machine Learning, A.I and integrated technology solutions for SMB customers.

In his presentation he showcased Spotzers proprietary Customer Journey platform and the seamless digital services solution that allows for an digital marketing solutions package to be easily serviced and fulfilled through technology enablement.

He talked to the Spotzer’s solution of been able to launch a website, generate Search Marketing Campaign’s, business listing solution, CRM tool integration, all in one seamless customer journey. Giving the customer a single point of contact for all products making the customer experience best in class with a solution that delivers strong ROI for the SMB. Spotzer is a global leader in website and search marketing solutions for SMBs and has developed over time a best in class customer journey that gets a customer online and makes their phone ring.

The Machine Learning  is at the heart of its technology solution SpotzerAds, built with proprietary algorithms, purpose built to execute search marketing campaigns for SMB with ongoing automated optimization to deliver the SMB maximum ROI for their Ad spend across BING, Google and soon to be released Facebook. Pete said ,”the Omni Channel approach to our search platform product development has been something we have worked hard to achieve over the past 12 months. Integrating that into our customer journey with websites and other digital products allows us to give our business partners a distinct and unique market proposition and is something we are incredibly excited about”. He went on to say, ‘this is a great example of technology enabling services, with integrated solutions, thoughtfully executed, with a strong CX vision front of mind for the SMB, which is what we are very passionate about”.