Tulips and windmills

CEO Award – Emily Brady
Emily successfully manages the senior management team at Yell by taking a collaborative approach and delivering fantastic results across the Spotzer EU business. Leading by example, she inspires all those around her with her infectious enthusiasm and clear communication. Stepping up to the plate with her valuable contributions to Project P45, Emily deserves the recognition as an employee of the month with a CEO award.

Emily and friends

CEO Award – Alistair Sutherland
Working tirelessly throughout the business, Alistair has effectively managed the journey of numerous partners across our AU operations. Offering valuable support to the AU MD while maintaining a great relationship with Telstra retail and wholesale, he has displayed confident leadership qualities. Alistair’s ability, understanding and enthusiasm for successful product delivery have earned him a CEO employee of the month award for May.

Ross Beltran profile picture

Manila Team Award – John Ross Beltran
Based in Manilla, Ross works closely with the team in Amsterdam. Through his expertise and enthusiasm, he delivered a key design project in less than half the time expected, while maintaining creative quality and attention to detail. A great communicator, friend and mentor to new designers with a refreshing attitude and approach, he connects teams and achieves results. A solid performance makes Ross the deserved winner of the Manilla employee of the month award for May.

Operations Award – Ashleigh Sawyer
Flawlessly managing projects for multiple clients simultaneously, Ashleigh is a certified project manager who takes multi-tasking to another level! A fantastic professional who started in 2015 as a client manager before being made team leader and now provides valuable support to the wider operations team and our business partners. Working side by side with technical and operations teams, she brings efficiency through friendliness. We all love Ashleigh, and she certainly deserves this employee of the month award for May.

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HQ Award – Ilter Gunasti
No one organises projects and delivers results quite like Ilter. He is the epitome of efficiency and an all-round professional, quietly proving that anything is possible. Ilter goes above and beyond to deliver reports and results with detail and clarity. We’re sure his colleagues won’t be surprised by this HQ award for employee of the month.

Melbourne Team Award – Brigette Brown
Bridget has a positive personality and a supportive attitude, the essential ingredients for successful team leadership. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty and brightens the office with her infectious smile and efficient enthusiasm. Boosting morale with her leadership and hands-on involvement, Brigette plays a key role with effective communication and her clear understanding of the Spotzer values. She arrives for work early and leaves late, providing a constant point of contact for her team to turn to. Congratulations Brigette, your Employee of the Year Award is thoroughly deserved.

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Tim Schillinger profile picture

Global Content & Design – Tim Schillinger
Working from the Denver office, Tim is a great designer who’s contagiously friendly outlook brings a quality to his work and to the work of those he inspires. Starting at Spotzer a little less than a year ago, he has developed his skills and communicates well with external partners. Tim creates a beautiful atmosphere within the team and thoroughly deserves this employee of the month award, well done Tim!