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Brenden Spencer
With a dedication to his teams and customers alike, Brenden works tirelessly towards making improvements to all that we do here at Spotzer. He has developed a fast and effective global team from the ground up and continually strives to achieve the best for all the services and products we deliver. Brenden lives and breathes the Spotzer values and thoroughly deserves this CEO Award as a key member of our leadership team.

CEO Award – Anthony Collinson
Anthony has shown us all how to maximise opportunities by bringing fresh ideas to the table. By stepping up to an increased remit, he has built some brilliantly honest and transparent relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Anthony is incredibly well respected by his colleagues and walks that perfect balance between fun and hard work. Congratulations Anthony, a CEO Award for this month is thoroughly deserved.

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Operations Award – Matteo Pisani
Ever since his very first day here at Spotzer, just over a year ago, Matteo impresses everyone with his hard work and determination. He has a seemingly endless supply of energy and is a team player who clearly believes in all those around him, laughing along as he reaches targets and helps others to achieve their goals too.
With a love for his colleagues, a belief in our values and a passion for chocolate chip cookies, it’s a pleasure to say “well done” to Matteo for this month’s Operations Award.

Global Content & Design – Yuan Liem
Yuan steps up whenever required, he goes above and beyond the call of duty and puts in the hours to achieve results. He works through projects in a positive manner, with a friendly attitude and a beaming smile. Yuan receives great feedback from our partners for his helpful approach and works through any issues calmly. Working closely with design, client and account managers, he offers advice and achieves results through smooth resolutions. Congratulations Yuan on your Employee of the Month award, it is well deserved!

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Nathalie Veneberg profile picture

HQ Award – Nathalie Veneberg
She came, she saw, she conquered! Nathalie became one of the Spotzer family within days of her arrival. She’s done an amazing job, recruiting more than thirty people in her first five weeks. Nathalie has an enormous amount of energy and creates an aura of enthusiasm wherever she goes with her positivity and personality.
Well done Nathalie on your HQ Award for Employee of the Month.

Denver Team Award – Lena Arguello
Customer service with a smile! That’s Lena. She is never afraid to step up and take responsibility; Lena seeks successful solutions while bringing her sunshine smile to brighten up everyone’s day. She recently took on the role of sole client manager for a partner piloting a new product and rose to the challenge superbly.
Lena does a great job! We are so pleased to announce the Denver Team Award this month.

Melbourne Team Award – Joseph Tafra
Joe has evolved from being a reliable copywriter to editor, proofreader and now copywriter services manager in the Australian office. He has a passion for creating great content and a determination to see that’s exactly what our clients receive. Joe has a great work ethic and remains calm and effective no matter what comes his way. He has nurtured and grown the pool of talent, and it’s his enthusiasm and dedication that ensures the quality stays high.
Congratulations Joe, on the Melbourne Team Award this month!

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Manila Team Award – Junelle Narra
There isn’t a day that goes by without Junelle submitting a comprehensive report, her attention to detail and commitment to the job is faultless. She makes sure everything runs smoothly and is always willing to share her knowledge; her helpful positivity is contagious around the office. Her initiative and fantastic organisational skills while taking time to ‘make a difference’ make Junelle a popular choice for this months ManilaTeam, Employee of the Month Award.