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CEO Award – Goran Pavlovic
Goran will always go to great lengths to ensure the required facilities and equipment are in place to welcome all new employees into a smooth and efficient environment as they join our teams. He keeps technical changes on track in a fast moving environment and always with a smile. Goran is a great team player, always willing to help and keen to lend a hand while showing an enthusiasm for all areas of the business. We’re sure you’ll agree, Goran is a popular choice for this month’s CEO Employee of the Month Award

Operations Award – Sara Cioffi
Starting as a Client Manager, Sara was soon promoted to Team Leader following several remarkable performances. She is unbelievably patient despite the multiple challenges and continuous requests for support that come her way. Sara multi-tasks, stays calm, focused and always available to her team and management at all times. We are so lucky to have such a great Team Leader and more than happy that Sara is the Employee of the month for Operations this month.

Global Content & Design – Marina Patarnello
Marina goes from strength to strength, growing and developing each and every month. She has proved herself as the point of contact for Yell Elite, showing maturity and efficiency in the role. A really popular member of the team, always willing to help out whenever and wherever the need arises, Marina fully deserves this months Employee of the Month Award for Global Content & Design.

HQ Award – Marcelo Vieiira
With changing times in the Finance Department reflecting the growth of our business, Marcelo has helped to navigate through the changes like a true captain! He is thoroughly focused and goal oriented to provide solutions with the minimum of stress. Congratulations Marcelo, your pragmatic approach and calm efficiency have earned you the HQ Award as Employee of the Month for July.

Melbourne Team Award – Courtney Ada
Since joining the team several months ago, Courtney has been a thoroughly efficient team-mate, adept at running programs efficiently while working towards multiple deadlines, and all with a smile! Using her skills in partner and stakeholder engagement, Courtney has been integral to key project rollouts. She has worked with several teams across multiple time zones and is often one of the last to leave the office, despite this, she maintains the energy and focus needed to get the job done. Congratulations Courtney on a well deserved Employee of the Month month!

Manila Team Award – Nomer Ramos
Nomer has the ability to instill confidence and enthusiasm in all those he works with. He has been with Spotzer Manila since the very beginning and has expanded his skills with every step along the way. Originally part of the Customer Support Team, Nomer has mastered many roles and has become familiar with most of our APAC partners. We all appreciate Nomer’s dedication and loyalty as he moves to his new Design QA role where he has already helped transition and train the entire Design QA Team in Manila.

For consistently going that extra mile – Nomer, You certainly deserve this month’s Employee of the Month Award.

Denver Team Award – Anna Lejnar
Anna is always the first to jump in and get ‘hands-on’ for the sake of the team. She is a trusted and reliable member of the group and all of her colleagues know that they can go to her for help, no matter what the issue. Leading by example Anna has a passion for helping others to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. She also makes the office a fun and friendly place to work, helping to organize external team events. Anna’s commitment to Spotzer makes her a valuable member of the team and a worthy winner of the Denver Employee of the Month Award for July.