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CEO Award – Emilie Warniez
For managing one of the best partner launches, SoLocal, this month’s winner is Emilie Warniez. From the very start, Emilie has been front and centre of setting up Operations, building trust with the partner, building up the operations team, as well as skillfully and diplomatically managing internal and external stakeholders. Emilie is a professional in every way and is setting new standards in enterprise partner management.

Operations Award – Matteo Ciardulli
Matteo is the most straight-talking and talented guy I have ever had the pleasure to work with. With his Italian charm and his get-things-done attitude, he is always on point with his team and with his customers. His dedication to the customer service is second to none: he is constantly striving to deliver quality in quick time to all his customers. Matteo has also been training and helping the new members of his team get set up while simultaneously diligently tending to his own duties. Matteo fully deserves this month’s Operations award.

Global Content & Design – Randy van Veen
Randy has the Spotzer spirit running through her veins. She is totally committed to doing all she can to improve herself and the business in the most selfless way. No task is ever too big or too small – Randy gives takes care of every detail with diligent care and attention. Honest, fun and full of life, Randy has grown and developed in so many ways since first joining Spotzer. It’s a pleasure to give her the recognition that she deserves by awarding her as the Global Content & Design Employee of the Month.

HQ Award – Bryan Starr
The HQ award for August
 goes to the Tech team this month. Bryan Starr, one of Spotzer’s senior full stack developers, has gone above and beyond: working flat out on the development of the next version of our Customer Engagement Platform. Bryan has been leading the development efforts, while juggling early morning and late night calls, dealing with countless changes and customer requests, and ensuring a successful outcome for our partners and their customers. Bryan really is a Starr by name and by nature!  

Denver Team Award – Lindsey Brown
As one of the newest members of the Denver team, Lindsey has hit the ground running. Taking the bull by the horns, Lindsey dove head first into the thick of things to help out her team. With the right stuff and a can-do attitude she has the resolve and motivation to get the job done no matter what it takes. Lindsey has brought a new energy to the team and has inspired everyone around her with her amazingly positive outlook on life.  Always willing to take on any project even if requires her to do some critical thinking, Lindsey always striving for greatness. These qualities, along with her innate desire to solve problems, make her an invaluable part of the team and a worthy winner of the Denver Employee of the Month Award for August.

Melbourne Team Award – Ryan Brown
We’re very happy to announce Ryan Brown is being recognized as the employee of the month for Melbourne. Ryan has really hit his stride as a Client Manager in the approvals team in August, and his high performance has paid off with him getting more sites live than anyone else in an office for the month. Ryan also achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings across the board, earning him a coveted ‘Mr Congeniality’ title.

Already a valued team member, Ryan is pushing himself to go above and beyond in not only his work as a Client Manager but also in team building events in the office. By putting his hand up to help with team social events he has become an important part of the social life of the office. Overall, it’s great to see Ryan find ways to make a positive impact with both his customers and his team and we look forward to seeing him find further opportunities to grow and smash targets in the future.

Manila Team Award – Angelo Carlo Pedrano
Congratulations to Angelo Carlo Pedrano this month for being the Manila team’s employee of the month! Carlo was recently promoted to Team Lead: a decision which he has more than proved to be the right call.

Angelo has been supporting the EU QA Team by supporting and training new hires. Given the challenge of his own daily duties – having to train new colleagues on top of everything else hasn’t phased Angelo one bit. In fact, he managed to train them all really well: giving them personal attention when they needed help on specific issues. Overall, Angelo is very reliable – working with minimum supervision and exceeding expectations.

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