CEO Award – Randy van Veen

Randy is a consummate professional and the epitome of everything Spotzer strives for. Absolutely dedicated to her job: Randy continually gives us 100%. Personally flying out to Manila to train a new squad of designers, Randy worked through a typhoon and even stayed a week longer to make sure that they were fully up to the task. Randy has become an important pillar of reliability and support within the design team and more broadly within Spotzer as a whole. We are very pleased to have her with us and look to her ever more for leadership and innovation within the design department.

Operations Award – Juliette de Fonteney
In the middle of a sudden and challenging situation with one of our French partners, Juliette rose up to the challenge and took charge of the situation. With tact, diplomacy, and unshakable presence, Juliette completely turned the situation around with dignity and grace – scoring us an unexpected win that left most of the team in awe.

Juliette’s smiling can-do attitude has made working with her a pleasure and privilege. She has quickly become an essential lynch-pin within Spotzer: facilitating, communicating, and coordinating with personnel and leadership within and between all our various departments. She has met every challenge and every meeting with the right blend of grace, intelligence, and Spotzer spirit. Her ability to negotiate with the different strong personalities of senior personnel – both within Spotzer and our Partner’s team – has made her an essential line of communication between all stakeholders.

Juliette has this amazing natural ability to hold space for other in which they can express what they need expect. This has helped us internally but has also helped our customers and saved them from cancelling orders. Her presence and guidance have also become an important asset in the training of new team members as we prepare to ramp up production.

Global Content & Design – Aissatou Gueye
Everyone in our 180 strong office knows Aissatou by name and by fame. Aissatou is the undisputed queen of content and design at Spotzer. Her superpower is the ability to make big problems disappear. Working with all our partners across all countries and markets – there is nothing that she doesn’t know, and no problem too big or too small that she can’t resolve. 

Aissatou is a source of incredible support and reliability to her colleagues and peers: even senior personnel come to her to ask for help and advice.

With her friendly and caring can-do attitude, it’s truly a pleasure to work with her. Aissatou’s attention to detail, organization, and her vast knowledge of all the in’s and out’s of every set of partner guidelines and procedures makes her an essential one-stop problem-solving miracle worker. 

Global Content & Design – Massimo Marino
Scouring thousands of rows and columns across 100’s of spreadsheets, Massimo’s eagle eyes miss nothing. As our newest QA Analyst, Massimo has moved into the role with confidence, professionalism, and an amazing work ethic. His vigilance and diligent quality control ensure that the hundreds of sites that we deliver to our partners each month are immaculate.

He also single-handedly migrated all our quality control checklists to the new platform – while simultaneously juggling multiple training sessions with internal teams and external partners to make sure that everyone is aligned on the same quality standards.

HQ Award – Sandie Charles

Law is about maintaining order; it’s about rules, standards, stability. Lawyers and legal advisors tend to like things to be organized, predictable, calm. So working for Spotzer as part of our legal department can’t have been easy for Sandie. Spotzer is constantly growing, expanding: taking on new clients and new challenges. Every client, every new market, every project needs a solid legal foundation and that’s where Sandie has excelled!

Working in a turbulent, high-paced, and sometimes ambiguous commercial legal world, Sandie has remained poised and composed and allowed Spotzer to move forward in greater legal clarity and stability. She has been both Spotzer’s legal light and our shield: illuminating the path ahead while rigorously defending the interests of the company. Whether it’s been pricing or penalties, Sandie has pushed every negotiation towards a favourable business outcome for Spotzer and our personnel.

Denver Team Award – Melissa Spurr

Imagine starting a job with a dauntingly large backlog of projects that need clearing. That’s how Melissa started. She recently joined the Denver team and has made an immediate impact. Since busting the backlog while learning on the job she has become extremely valuable member of the Denver office. Always eager to help and lend a hand she has become an essential pillar of support to those around her. Melissa has proved herself to be an integral part of the Denver team and a significant asset to the global organization. Let’s congratulate Melissa for winning the Denver Employee of the Month Award this September.

Manila Team Award – Darren Estavillo

Darren Estavillo consistently “goes the extra mile” and that’s why he’s Spotzer Manila’s employee of the month. Darren is regularly commended for his dedication to work and willingness to learn and take on new tasks and responsibility.  


Darren is Spotzer Manila’s go-to-guy because of his SEM expertise, and his kind and friendly attitude. When he is not working he is either immersed in the world of SEM and deepening and broadening his knowledge or bonding with colleagues after work.

Sofia Team Award – Luca Parisi
Contagious positivity! That’s what Luca Parisi brings to Spotzer’s Sofia Office. Always friendly and approachable, his resolve and positive attitude in the face of challenges has really spread through the office and inspired everyone to smile more often. He dedication and the willingness to tackle and round off even difficult tasks are deeply appreciated. Luca’s qualities have inspired the team in Sofia as a whole to win battles and overcome challenges, and go for gold.

Melbourne – Luvna Munisamy
This September, the Melbourne office’s employee of the month goes to Luvna. This month, Luvna was a stand-out performer: showing herself as a rock solid team player, with a keen eye for detail and the willingness to step in and help her fellow team members when they need it.
Luvna took charge: actively identifying opportunities for improvement, process gaps, and ensuring that all these issues were communicated effectively to her managers. Lunva really went above and beyond – not only identifying and communicating issues but also actively taking part in troubleshooting and resolving problems, as well as overseeing the implementation of those solutions through to completion.
She played a key role in auditing the quality of certain projects and roll-outs: coming in early and staying late to ensure any additional tasks she was in charge of were done. Her willingness to put her hand up and help out when she knew it was needed, knowledge share where she felt she could contribute, as well as her eagerness to continue to challenge herself by branching out and learning more has made her the clear choice for Employee of the Month! Congrats Luvna!