Snowy Amsterdam in January

CEO Award – Kevin van Eekhout

We are proud to confer this months CEO Award to Kevin Eekhout for his outstanding performance managing the launch of Fonecta and the sales enablement of DTG across the Netherlands. He has been a real team player across all parts of the business with a strong dedication to Spotzer, our people and our customers. He took on his new role with gusto and, have rolled with the punches of a steep learning curve, has come out on top. Please join me in congratulating Kevin for his amazing work and flawless performance this month!

Operations Award – Thomas Lee

After working with Tom as a key stakeholder at our partner, we welcomed him into our team as a Client Manager in Amsterdam in the summer of 2018.
As a qualified Client Manager and Supplier Relationship Executive, Tom brought a great deal of experience into his role here at Spotzer. He has since grown into a key member of our team, managing a range of projects in the production and post live teams with ease.
He is positive, enthusiastic and always keeps the end goal of helping our customers and partners in mind. Congratulations on your award for Operations Employee of the Month – October! It’s very well deserved!

Operations Award – James Hussein

In his short time at Spotzer, James has continually surprised me with his ability in taking on his responsibilities in the role of Client Manager.

James demonstrates drive, enthusiasm and most of all he understands the needs of the clients he is working with, working hard to deliver them a brilliant website with excellent service. It is not only our team that thinks so:

Thank you, James. I really appreciate your time, patience, advice and keeping me regularly updated – everything I have needed to make the process as smooth and painless as possible for me.

You have provided a first class service.” – a Happy Website Customer

James is a key performer and an asset to our team, consistently hitting his personal targets month on month. He is willing to learn, consistently stepping out of his comfort zone to ask for new challenges to take on. On top of this, he a bright star who brings a lot of fun to our team.

Global Content & Design – Pato Rodriguez

Pato Rodriguez – you have demonstrated your great leadership skills again and again: training the Manila team on the Neto platform and again training the Melbourne team. You are consistently positive, always available to help, and really give us your all to improve processes and to achieve the common goals of the team and the business at large. For your exemplary service and tireless effort this month we are very happy to declare you employee of the month for Global Content and Design! Congratulations, keep you the great work and the sky is the limit!

HQ Award – Lorenzo Stabile

The well-deserved winner of this months HQ Award is Lorenzo Stabile. Lore has delivered great work improving the workflows of multiple processes within the business – helping Spotzer run smoother and more efficiently – with less manual work and more automation – saving us all minutes of work each day which accumulates to hours and days of saved time across a year. With his attention to detail: spotting issues and short-cuts, he is able to cut the fat and trim down clunky workflows into simple, effective sequences. He has also played a critical role in supporting multiple teams within the Operations department: helping them meet their targets and goals. Congratulations!

Melbourne Team Award – Alvin Soon

Alvin only started with Spotzer a couple of months ago, and in that time has really taken his role on and embedded himself as a valuable member of the Melbourne office.

Already across several partner groups, Alvin has created great relationships with customers and partner reps alike, and feedback has really reflected that. As a positive and organised team member, Alvin can be relied on to get the job done, and is active in resolving any issues with orders promptly. He is diligent and committed to his tasks, and has stayed back later, or volunteered to work on public holidays on several occasions to ensure his workload is adequately managed.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing Alvin hit the ground running since joining the Spotzer family and look forward to seeing him continue to excel in the coming months,

Manila Team Award – Michael Villafranca

Shout out to Myk for receiving October employee of the month!

Two thumbs up! Your achievement is the direct result of your dedicated effort towards reaching your goal.
Myk started out as part of the Customer Support Team and has proven his flexibility across all functions.  He was moved from different partners and have managed to easily adapt and deliver – all seamless transition.  He is never afraid to jump into new things and embraced his role every single time.  He constantly express intent to move forward and learn different aspects of the business.  I like it when he approach me and presents himself to be considered for better opportunities.  He is the first to take a Post Live QA role in Manila – always at his best to prove himself.  He took the initiative to boost his craft and invested time to enhance his technical knowledge.  Not to mention – he comes in early everyday and spends time learning.
Myk has already received positive feedback from the client manager team leads here – which is fantastic! He embraced a completely new role (to himself and Spotzer), uses his own initiative, and, most importantly, catches issues post-live which even sit outside of design QA.
You make me proud Myk!  You truly deserve this month’s recognition!

Sofia Team Award – Gabriele Renna

Gabriele Renna is this month’s Sofia Team employee of the month! Within the close-knit community of colleagues that is the Sofia Team, Gabriele has made himself famous as one of the kindest and most supportive and helpful members of Technical Support. From day one his kind and considerate nature has made him a ray of sunshine and guiding light to the colleagues around him. Demonstrating professionalism and kindness at all time he has become very well known to everyone as ‘Gabriele of Technical Support’: the guardian angel of the Sofia Team. For all your good deeds we salute you! Bravo!