CEO Award – Kaitlyn Lattimer

Based in our Denver office, Kaitlyn has consistently gone above and beyond to support her partners, customers, and colleagues. For her dedication to our values and for her outstanding global achievements we are very happy to recognise her talent and strong work ethic. Kaitlyn Lattimer, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for your team and everyone at Spotzer. Congratulations!

Operations Award – Stella van Schaick

Stella has been a huge asset to the UK Team right from the get-go. She has worked tirelessly to deliver her targets, contributing a great deal to her team’s success.
Since she first moved into the team in July, she has hit the ground running – knocking out her targeted output numbers right from the start. To top it off, she is a source of great support to the rest of her team and always looks out for her colleagues. She is funny, kind, and always has time for you. Congratulations to you Stella. You well-deserve this award for Operations Employee of the Month.

Global Content & Design – Kirsten Sistermans

Kirsten’s professionalism and dedication shine through everything she does at Spotzer. Though she is in charge of Copy Services for our Dutch partners, she nonetheless puts time into creating new relevant resources and updating and organizing important existing resources to the benefit of the entire Copy Department and client managers as well. On top of this feat, she has tended to her own responsibilities so well that there have been month-on-month improvements for DTG since July, and for the second time they are within SLA in November. Kirsten, you truly deserve November’s Global Content & Design Employee of the month award. – With special thanks to our in-house proofreader Marleen!

HQ Award – Gloria Hou

Gloria joined Spotzer starting as an intern in Finance in 2014. With her can-do attitude, adaptability, and natural curiosity, she has taken every opportunity to grow and explore new professional pathways. During her time with us she has worked in Finance, Operations, and now, with her newly won SalesForce Administrator Certification, has recently been promoted to a new position in IT as production support. For your dedication, teamwork, and professional you truly deserve to take home November’s EOTM HQ Award! Congratulations!

Denver Team Award – Lindsey Brown

This November Lindsey was tasked with improving the quality of production for Adaan. She worked diligently on developing the relationship and communication between the US Spotzer team and Adaan.  Setting up daily calls and gathering feedback from our team and working with Adaan on the resolution of common issues and themes. In such a short period, we have already seen an improvement in quality and delivery from Adaan.  It doesn’t hurt that Lindsey’s vibes help bolster office creativity and she is always willing to lend a hand. She isn’t afraid to offer or receive constructive criticism to help improve herself and others around her. Congratulations to Lindsey on a well deserved November EOTM for Denver.

Melbourne Team Award – Venessa Yacoub

Venessa started with Spotzer only 6 months ago but instantly became an integral part of our team. After intensive training she quickly grew into our highest performing client manager, working specifically to onboard our new customers. Venessa’s hard work and dedication to our customers and the business is evidenced not only by her standout achievements of consistently exceeding targets – but also by her work ethic, positive attitude and desire to learn. Just ask Venessa, ‘She’s the best’!

This award is in recognition of her dedication, consistent effort and teamwork; it is well deserved, and also a goal she’s been aiming for since Week 1! Congratulations Venessa!

Sofia Team Award – Desiree Monterisi

Desirée has a passion for people and loves to work in a team. For her, teamwork is a great way to improve her self and further deepen and broaden her professional skill set by learning from her peers. Her passion for personal and professional development drives her to take on any and every role and task. This is why she has earned the nicknamed ‘la jolly’ for her incredible versatility and can-do attitude. She has earned a reputation a problem-job destroyer: making intimadating problem-jobs that other would label ‘difficult’ simply vanish with ease. For all these reasons, we are happy to award you with November’s Sofia Team Award! Congratulations!