It has definitely been a busy year, but it seems nothing can get in the way of our continued growth and success. Our teams around the world have been working harder than ever and each month we continue to challenge ourselves and progress even more. While the team has put in an amazing effort all around, the commitment of the following employees has earned them the title of Employee of the Year.

CEO Award – Ross Hunter

Starting his role mid-year, Ross has excelled at structuring the QA team and positioning himself into an essential part of the business.

Working across all key areas of the business and collaborating with all department heads, Ross has shown the ability to work alongside his peers and develop initiatives to take the company further.

Time after time, Ross had encouraged internal communication and collaboration and has played a vital role in aligning and synchronizing all our efforts so that the business as a whole continues to move in the right direction.

Join me in congratulating Ross on his excellent work this year and his well-deserved CEO Award for Employee of the Year!

Operations Award – Fabrizia Sbrega

The Employee of the Year for Operations (which refers to the Client Services, Process, and Partner Management departments) has been selected after a process of careful deliberation.

When it comes to embodying company values, contributing to business revenue in 2018, and working consistently throughout the year with dedication and resilience, then Fabrizia Sbrega is the clear winner.

Her eagerness to grow and learn has propelled Fabrizia very quickly up the professional ladder.  In just one and half years, she has been promoted several times: moving from an entry-level position to becoming a key person in management.

Fabrizia went from managing two people to being responsible for a team of 20 people in Amsterdam whilst being the main Operations point of reference for the biggest remote team we have at Spotzer – counting today about 50 employees.

Her hard work and dedication contributed tangibly to our business’ revenue in 2018. She is a champion in process optimization and Salesforce reporting and, last but not least, the team love working with her and so do our partners.

Fabrizia is an invaluable asset to our organization and we are sure that in 2019 we will see her bloom even further whilst supporting Spotzer’s success! Congratulations!

Global Content & Design – Oana van Vliet

Oana is our rock – an essential corner-stone in Spotzer’s business structure. Her work provides a stable foundation that supports the various Design and Content departments to do theirs – and she is also one of the hardest workers we know.

Oana has filled many positions within the organisation and excelled in all of them. Always going above and beyond to ensure her team and the business is looked after and moving forward. It cannot be over-stated how important and integral Oana is to Spotzer as a whole.

This year she celebrated her 10th year of employment with us and we are already looking forward to the next 10 years together. Thank you Oana! Join me in congratulating her for winning this year’s Employee of the Year Award for Global Content and Design.

HQ Award – Andrea Marchioro

Starting out as one of our client managers, Andrea has had a tremendous impact on the company. In just five months he became one of the key figures in Production Support. This is when he discovered his passion for Salesforce. From then on, he spent his free time studying day and night to learn everything there is to know about Salesforce – and recently made the professional leap to Junior Salesforce Developer.

He has taken it all in his stride: learning fast, asking the right questions and always looking to improve. Additionally, Andrea is a pleasure to have around the office. His dedication to hard work and excellence are second to none and he is a fun guy to be around – making him an indispensable colleague both professionally and socially.

Join me in congratulating him on his well-deserved HQ Award for Employee of the Year 2018!

Melbourne Team Award – Courtney Ada

Courtney came onboard with us at the end of April this year and jumped straight into the project management of a key partner launch here in the Australian office.

She is a diligent, hard-working, very proactive, result oriented person with a great sense of humour. Her superpower is the ability to find laughter in stressful situations. She is always calm in a storm and makes sure the job is done right and on time.

Partners constantly feedback on how she makes life easier and that she is a great asset to our business and our partnerships. For this reason, and many others, she is the deserved recipient of our Melbourne Employee of the Year award for 2018.

Congrats Courtney!

Sofia Team Award – Beppe De Francesco

Beppe is the driving force behind our team because he is always there when you need him. It doesn’t matter how bad the situation might be, Beppe shows up and takes centre stage to help his colleagues and save the day!

His ability to find an effective solution for all customers, regardless of what the problem or situation may be, has impressed numerous partners and resulted in glowing feedback – both externally and internally.

Not only is he a pillar of support for the entire Sofia Team and a true Rockstar, but he has also shown incredible loyalty and punctuality in his two years with Spotzer. For all this and more we are very happy to award the Sofia Team Award for Employee of the Year to Beppe De Francesco! Congratulations!

Denver Team – Kaitlyn Lattimer

Great people often exhibit similar characteristics: patience, open-mindedness, bias towards action, integrity, problem-solving, accountability, motivation, loyalty, empathy, positive attitude and decisiveness.

This year Kaitlyn Lattimer was truly great. In 2018, she was promoted from a CM to Team Lead, and then again to Partner Account Director – these promotions were a direct result of the characteristics she exudes.

Respected by all of her teammates, she continues to grow challenge after challenge – whether it’s taking on a new challenging partner, stepping in as a CM, handling special projects or absorbing responsibilities from other roles – she always rises to the occasion.

For her amazing performance in Denver this year, join me in congratulating Kaitlyn! You truly deserve 2018’s Denver Team Employee of the Year Award!