As the cold weather sits in on our teams in Amsterdam and Denver, and summer’s rays find their way to Australia, the team at Spotzer has been hard at work over the past month.  Read on to learn more about our December all stars who have helped get us to this point.

CEO Award – Liz Steed

It is with great pride we announce the CEO award for the month of January is Liz Steed. She works tirelessly to make sure the office is run with efficiency and precision.

From the groceries to the safety of each employee there is no area of office management Liz isn’t across. Liz also acts with care in making sure we are all looked after and can enjoy company events from boat rides to our annual Christmas party. Liz is the heart of soul of this office, please join me in heartily congratulating this months winner.

Operations Award – Yatengamor Scalzo

As one of our Operations Specialists for the Italian market, he delivers great work every day and helps us keep a very large volume of orders and queries under control. With his Superman-like powers he reads through complex reports and tracking tools without an ease.

Yatengamor did not hesitated on second to say yes when asked to be the point of reference and support for other teams during the holidays. In fact, he stepped up and supported his colleagues on the floor, specifically the French team, being there for any query or problem impacting their work and keeping a close eye on the order flow escalating with traffic when needed.

A true representation of the #ONETEAM spirit, proving that it does not matter which team you belong to as we are ONE TEAM at Spotzer. Thank you Yatengamor!

Global Content & Design – Carl Setterdahl

As soon as he joined the Spotzer Family, Carl immediately settled into the role as QA Specialist with a great sense of humor. He works extremely closely with Designers, CWs, SEO team and CMs across the business.

Just two weeks into his role, he took it upon him to lead daily meetings. If that wasn’t enough for him he also added the Bi-weekly calls with Manila Designers and QA teams to his plate. Carl is a critical thinker who approaches everything he does with a positive attitude and creates a positive outcome.

We can truly say that being around him makes everything better!  He’s enhanced everyone’s perception of ‘what good looks like’.

Congrats Carl!

HQ Award – Courtney Ada

Courtney is a valued and critical part of the product team. She has done a fantastic job managing Telstra and ensuring a successful launch of the v2 products.
Always to jump in and get ‘hands-on’ for the sake of the team, she has been a thoroughly efficient team player.
Even while working long hours behind the scenes to ensure customers get a killer website, we can see her working and performing with a smile.

Courtney always tries to improve herself and learn new things to better herself.
Congratulations Courtney on a well deserved Employee of the Month month!

Denver Team Award – Joshua Weber

Teamplayer.. That’s the best way to describe Josh and his willingness to lend a hand to his colleagues. Josh made major contributions over the holidays, as he volunteered to cover shifts for his colleagues and provide partner support and inbound phone coverage all while owning his primary account.

He has worked not only on improving his skills but helped teammates better themselves by improving brief writing knowledge, relaying the importance of detailed quality audits and providing valuable feedback to Adaan on design-related improvements. Josh embodies what it means to be laser focused on customer satisfaction resulting in great customer feedback.

Congratulations to Josh for a well-deserved EOTM for Denver!

Melbourne Team – Michael Brennan

Employee of the month award for Melbourne for December is Michael. Michael had a stellar month in December, boasting the highest quality website briefs on his team consistently. In his own time, he also developed work around and ways to improve the speed of E-commerce delivery – specifically around uploading CSV’s and customising E-Comm stores. He goes above and beyond to consistently help customers and is all all-round team player. Michael also worked through the Xmas/New Year break, and took it upon himself to arrange the Xmas party by arranging the venue, catering and Kris Kringle. A stand out team player for the month – so well deserved!

Manila Team Award – Shiela Carpentero

Kudos to Shiela for receiving December employee of the month!


As the Team Lead of Manila Telstra Team, she embraced entirely the leadership role and delivers more than what is expected. Consistent with looking beyond every detail of the process, initiates improvement and guides the team along the way.
Success can never be achieved unless someone has the vision and desire to initiate it. Sheila not only display the vision and desire but does it with so much passion that it is contagious.
Her focus and drive for success, not just for herself but for the rest of Manila Telstra Team, is something to be admired for.

Shiela has continually gone above and beyond for the TOE team. Her dedication and ‘yes we can help/ yes we can do that’ attitude is greatly appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed. Further, her ability to take on multiple tasks and complete them with the teams help in a very quick time frame not only helps the TOE team maintain efficiency but also strengthens our relationship with our partner.

Congratulation Shiela on a well deserved employee of the month.