CEO Award – Sydmil Harris

We call him mister Congeniality, the rest of the world knows him as Sydmil. He is one of Spotzer’s top performers against their targets, across all areas. This person is a credit to their team, to their clients and to our business. In January Sydmil exceeded output target, hitting a score of 96% on their targets and gaining the top customer NPS score, at +100, meaning he consistently receive ten out of ten.

Always smiling and positive, this person charms clients on the phone, is well loved by their team and others across the floor, and is always ready to assist should a challenge arise. Sydmil works proactively to ensure our customers receive the best possible quality of product and service. A lead colleague of ours at the relevant partner said before Christmas ‘I just want you do deliver what you promise’. And guess what happened…? He did exactly what he promised! . . Well dome Syd!

Operations Award – Nicole Edwards

Nicci, how we like to call her,  delivers consistently great work. She has worked solidly within the Ops team, ensuring all orders are carried out to a great standard and coaching their team members to be the best. Nicole’s knowledge of processes and products is extensive and she is helpful and enthusiastic about change and development.

When recently asked if she could take on line management of a German team, additional to her existing work, she did not hesitate for one second and immediately said “OK, no problem”. She has taken on the task straight away and is now fully supporting the Websmart team with her enthusiasm and passion. Partner colleagues rave about her, one in particular calling her ‘phenomenal’. Well done Nicole!

Global Content & Design – Giulia Malaponti

Giulia has been with us for some time now and we are not letting her go! She proves herself time after time as one of the best designers in the company. Not only is she able to work on every platform we use and work on many different partners and projects but she recently migrated her role slightly and started working on a new tool to create WordPress sites in a more efficient way, boosting up TATs, reducing iterations and increasing quality.

She is consistent, always doing her very best to make sure that the designs delivered by her and her team are the very best in the game. Now that she is also focusing on this new tool and many other projects, she will help the designers improve on efficiency and workflows.

HQ Award – Jochem Bokhorst

We have a new Master in town! The Scrum Master Jochem! Jochem moved into the his new role as a Scrum Master and in a matter of few months was able to lead the development team, bringing more structure in our processes and enabling the team in delivering on the milestones efficiently and following the set timelines.

Jochem has shown the ability to work alongside the product and the operations team while taking the company further following new initiatives encouraging communication and collaboration across the different teams.

Keep up the good work Jochem!

Denver Team Award – Melissa Spurr

Call her the Problem Solver! When things come crashing down, Melissa jumps right in to tackle the problems at hand. Melissa was a champion this past month helping with two global emergencies: a server crash and Plugpocalypse.  She dropped all of her tasks to rebuild two WordPress sites that were lost and skipped out on a team lunch to help support Plugpocalypse.

This willingness to jump in and help extends beyond emergencies, assisting the US team to find nuances with custom code, items buried deep in code, FTP’ing into sites to dive into other issues or just answering general technical questions on building/updating sites. She is respected by all of her teammates and by the global WordPress team, congratulations to Melissa on a well-deserved EOTM for January 2019.

Sofia Team Award – Teresa Aiezza

Teresa joined Spotzer on April 2017 and since the first day at Spotzer she showed interest and enthusiasm into all her projects. She has a high level of professionalism, listening to her calls is always a pleasure, her natural empathy and courtesy lead the customers to a really good experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients have all the information possible to them.  

Her attention to details when writing a brief is admirable, leading almost always to well realized websites. Due to her customer service superpowers, Teresa is the one taking care of TOP sites and difficult cases because we know that she will take good care of you.

Thank you for being a part of our team!

Melbourne Team Award – Virag Lakdavala

Virag has had a stellar few months since joining the Australian office as our Production Support Analyst. In this time, he has taken on the full breadth of the role, all with a smile, and with nothing ever in the ‘too hard basket’. From providing support to Client Managers on domains and emails, troubleshooting workflow issues, managing hardware or software escalations, re configuring telephony systems, right through to reporting.

Virag has really embedded himself as a valuable team member, one that contributes to keeping the office ticking.

He is well liked and respected by his fellow team members, and always has lots of energy and a proactive nature – which are key attributes of working in a fast past digital environment.

Virag has a very bright future with Spotzer, and we look forward to watching him grow within the company. Well deserved award for the month.

Manila Team Award – Elijah Nikao Ignacio

Elijah has demonstrated great willingness to learn and help out his team members from the start. He’s shown dedication and growth in his role, by asking and following direction all the while being friendly and positive in all his interactions.

He has also helped extending Spotzer’s service and support from local to global, interacting with both our headquarters in Amsterdam as well as Melbourne and Denver.  

In addition, Eli’s pleasing personality have resulted to genuine relationships with colleagues in Manila.  He is a friend to everyone!!!