The top honor – a personal award from Peter Urmson, Spotzer CEO –  was a fairly easy choice. He wanted to acknowledge a few of the brightest flames at Spotzer. Therefore we have not one but three CEO winners!

CEO Award – John Fowler

John is an outstanding example of what it means to step up in times of need. When we had a number of issues in our US office, he quickly stepped in to address and solve it. He was not only very hands on in driving forward our initiative to operationally manage US customers out of Amsterdam.

He pulled together a cross functional team to deliver the project on time and with as few bumps as possible.  And if that wasn’t enough he dropped everything to fly to our Denver office to work with the team as we wound that office down. He has now picked these partners up to manage from Amsterdam hand on. He is always thinking of innovative ways to overcome challenges.


John you are simply amazing!


CEO Award – Monika Seyer


Monika is a superstar Client Manager and true leader by example among the German and US team. She was an easy choice for this award. Monika deserves this award because she works tirelessly, especially the last month and was faced with many challenges. This did not stop her to make sure the clients are happy and looked after. We appreciate everything you do for Spotzer, multiple partners and your co-workers.

CEO Award – Garret Cleland

Throughout February Garret has continued to show his tremendous commitment to customer service and making sure our correct processes are followed. He has stepped up and enthusiastically taking on new tasks across a range of partners and is always keen to grow and build on his skill set. He is not only loved by managers but also by his peers, Gary is just a pleasure to have around the office.

His ability to find a solution for all customers has impressed numerous partners and resulted in glowing feedback both externally and internally.

We are looking forward to see his evolving future in his role over the coming months.

CEO Award – Sydmil Harris

Always smiling despite coming into a loaded plate everyday, Sydmil consistently proves himself as a true superhero. With his can-do attitude he stepped in to ensure our US Clients were getting the best treatment possible and that is the Sydmil- treatment. His attitude makes him a joy to have around the office. He has done a great job learning about our partners and products and quickly implementing that knowledge into his work.

Congratulations again!

Operations Award – Anaïs Rocca

Anaïs is one of our rising stars at Spotzer and is a consistent performer across a wide variety of Client Management tasks. With a steady track record of accomplishing task before the deadline, Anaïs has the highest number of set lives over the last months.

She has a great way of talking to the clients and always strive to understand their needs and follow up to ensure that what they are asking for is acknowledged. She is very committed, works extra hours to complete briefs or catch-up when she is sick to ensure TATs and clients satisfaction up to standards. She is not only a hard worker but also has a very sweet and warm personality. We love you Anaïs.

This is what the clients had to say about her:

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for Anais”

“Anais was able to find the right words to define my activity, I predict a great carrier for her”

Global Content & Design – Ruud Laan

Ruud has been with Spotzer now for almost a year and over that time, he has worked with his teams in Amsterdam, Manila, US and Australia to bring consistency and stability to the Development Department.

As we know with WordPress, things don’t always go according to plan, but Ruud is always the first to jump in to help resolve the issue. It may be on a Friday night, the weekend or whilst he is on holidays, you can always count on him to help.

We want to thank Ruud  for his dedication to Spotzer and his high standards of excellence.


HQ Award – Maarten Brockhoff

Maarten joined the Finance team just eight months ago and after a few short months was quick to find his feet and delivered has been outstanding.
With all the changes in the team he manages to stay cool, critical and enthusiastic. It can sometimes be a very chaotic environment but Maarten always manages to bring back the calmness in his team with that infectious smile and soccer references.

He is never afraid to give his meaningful feedback to the rest of the Spotzer team. Maarten embodies what it means to be a role model for Spotzer’s core values.

Melbourne Team Award – Ethan Macdonald

Since beginning in the client management team, Ethan confidently dove straight into speaking with customers and going above and beyond to assist them. Beginning in the briefing team, he was soon moved into approvals as a natural progression to utilize all of Ethan’s skills in getting sites live!

A natural problem-solver, Ethan also finds solutions and streamlined processes to improve efficiency and workflow, making everyone’s lives easier. As well as consistently delivering results, he is always a team player, helpful and considerate. We are grateful to have him on our team, and so are his customers.

Thank you for always giving it 110% Ethan and as always “do more”!

Manilla Team Award – Nathaniel Robles

Kudos to Nathan for receiving February 2019 employee of the month!

Nate went above and beyond of what was expected of him.  He has played a big role in improving efficiencies in Manila Operations. He worked closely with Managment to develop reports dashboard across all departments in Manila.  He dedicated time and effort outside his expected working hours to genuinely help the whole Leadership Team! Impressive spreadsheet skills!!!

You make us proud Nate!  You truly deserve this month’s recognition!