Spotzer is pleased to announce the extension of its omni-channel digital advertising solution, with the latest release of their innovative SMB cloud-based marketing platform, SpotzerAds.


With a reputation for being a global leader in delivering meaningful marketing services for SMB’s, they have focused on building out speed regardless of geography, and functionality. Now fully omni-channel for search marketing campaigns. These major releases provide SpotzerAds customers with a seamless solution for advertising using Facebook, Instagram, as well as Google and Bing with the added advantage of now cloud-based, which means quick access from any location.

The additional networks and speed gives SpotzerAds advertisers access to an incredible network of consumers and more opportunities to benefit from high ROI campaigns powered by Spotzer’s proprietary bid and budget maximiser. The platform also has a comprehensive Sales Estimator Tool which enables salespeople to generate accurate estimates, allowing them to give customers a great recommendation of what their ROI could be. This is all achievable with the simplicity of one click.


Spotzer’s CEO, Peter Urmson, says, “Moving SpotzerAds into the cloud and developing a full omni-channel digital advertising platform are key steps in our road-map to ensure we remain at the front of developments for our customers. Our enterprise partners now have access to a one-stop solution where they can manage ad campaigns across multiple networks for their SMB customers that is quick and easy.”

The additional networks have been integrated using Spotzer’s zero-touch model which allows account managers to seamlessly launch conversion-optimized mobile-first websites and campaigns that drive clicks, calls, and sales, in under 10 minutes. This means a vastly improved customer experience for Spotzer’s enterprise partners who work with Spotzer for their end to end marketing services solution. Spotzer can now launch a website and immediately generate omni-channel campaigns to drive clicks and calls for their customers, with one seamless solution.

Developed in line with industry best-practice by Spotzer’s in-house development team, SpotzerAds has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of small businesses. It allows them to maximise their marketing spend with a sophisticated attribution model covering onsite events such as form fills, and inbound calls.

As a business Spotzer is focused on helping SMB’s succeed in a rapidly changing digital world, SpotzerAds has been built to deliver SMB’s with the lowest-cost most-valuable leads. SpotzerAds algorithms update campaigns more than 48 times a day to deliver value from day one of the campaign.

Spotzer built the platform and integrated Google, BING and now Facebook through its partnership with Tiger Pistol, the global best social ads platform solution. Now fully integrated and launched. The solution is offered to Spotzer Partners as a software licence solution or a full managed service.


About Spotzer

Spotzer is a global leader in providing products and services to SMB customers as a white-labeled solution. They are a technology enabled marketing service’s business and collaborate with enterprise size brands, who have large databases of SMB customers and specialize in the management of digital marketing solutions to get customers online, ensuring their own customers can find them. A scalable solution focused on great products and services that are meaningful for SMB customers. They operate in 18 countries and 23 languages. SpotzerAds is their propitiatory leading cloud marketing services solution. Can be used in any part of the globe. A licensed software as a service,  or full end to end customer managed service.

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