CEO Award – Raphaela Wiedenhaus
This month winner is an incredibly, strong woman who knows how to deal with stress and high demands.
She leads her team with passion and knows how to keep her head cool whilst under fire.
Everybody that works with her is mesmerized by her leadership, knowledge and presence.
Well deserved!

Operations Award – Marco De Santis

Marco is a superb employee! He gets stronger in is role everyday. With is spotless attitude while working very timely managing critical client tasks. Always flexibel to insure everything is completed with top quality and within SLA.
Marco does an amazing job with his clients and with webmasters.
He gets a lot of compliments from his partners for his work.

We cant wait to continue to see you grow!

Global Content & Design – Mari Koskelo

She started working with us begin last year with one of our new partners. She quickly became an integral part of the Finnish team .
Within 2 months Mari has helped us reach and maintain a strong KPI level.
She is always available for her colleagues, and is such a nice teammate to work with!

We are all a big fan and your Employee of the Year Award is thoroughly deserved.

HQ Award – Yunfei Li

The HQ Award is long overdue for Yunfei who is the driving force in the front end developing team.
He started 5 years ago as an intern and has had different positions within the company. You can give him any task and he will come back with something brilliant.
He is one of the hardest workers in the office and always goes above and beyond in his duties.


Congratulations !

Melbourne Award – Clare Walsh

Clare has been with Spotzer for only a few short months, but in that time she has really stepped up and shone as a Client Manager both through her work ethic, and her bubbly personality.

Clare has a keen eye for attention to detail, and an even keener eye on KPI’s and delivery timelines for her sites. She has demonstrated great skill and strength in adeptly moving across multiple accounts, products and platforms, to support changing and challenging business needs and focus, and is a real team player, always stepping in to help where needed. Clare picks up new tasks quickly, and can also be relied on to provide feedback on processes to assist with future improvements.

A very worthy nominee for this reliable and diligent team player. Congrats Clare!