CEO Award – Anna Pospisilova

Anna has been dedicated to all employees of Spotzer since day one at the company, but during May she showed this better than ever before. She successfully managed many different issues across all parts of the HR team whilst others were on leave, ensuring all requests were done in a timely manner. She also represented the company at external events to assist in talent acquisition.

Although her schedule happened to be filled with many additional duties, she maintained the highest levels of professionalism, and a great level of detail and accuracy to all tasks. She is broadly know across the company for her professional smile and willingness to help.

An example to all.

Operations Award – Karl Schreiber

Karl is with us less than a year, but since day one of him starting on the Partner Account, he is doing a great job without any ups and downs in his performance or attitude. He has high standards even when it comes to our regular products, he challenges the internal design & QA team to do their very best and always asks for feedback on what he can do better.

Karl is truly a team player and never says no to a task given on top of his workload. He has been looking after his partner almost single-handedly, and we do not feel any drop in customer or partner satisfaction thanks to him. Karl is keeping a clear and calm head with this partner, and all of the management team appreciate his work greatly, especially over the last few weeks.

Global Content & Design – Davide Bilancetti

Davide is doing a great job and shows on a daily basis that he is highly qualified in his field. He has been of great help with the Italian market, covering for Manuela when needed, managing internal projects for the IOL within the team, and training new hires.

Davide has a great team spirit, always helps everybody, andthe best part for many of usalways shares his snacks with the team.

HQ Award – Mahesh Konar

The best term to describe Makesh’s recent work is stepping up. He joined the team just around half a year ago, but has already managed to greatly improve one of the key aspects of the daily work of nearly all Spotzer family members: the Salesforce integration.

Makesh’s work may not be clearly visible to all of us on the first sight, but his dedication to the behind the scenes projects and solving all the problematic issues that happen on a day-to-day basis are greatly appreciated. He brought strong enterprise skill to the company, making the whole team step up to another level.

Melbourne Team Award – Michael Brennan

Since day one, Michael has continuously stepped up and sought a higher level of responsibility in his role. His dedication to teamwork, attention to detail, and taking initiative to learn and improve our processes has greatly contributed to our ongoing success of Telstra Online Essentials.

He absorbs new information like a sponge, and we are so fortunate to have him paving the way for our Ecommerce stores, briefing team and more. We’re looking forward to seeing him excel further in his new role of Team Leader for Telstra, driving high levels of customer service and excellent results!

Manilla Team Award – Ernest Sahagun

This year’s extraordinary May made it hard to nominate just one of the team to receive the monthly award. However, Ernest has stood out this month in terms of his team leading.

He proactively trained up a member of the team, Myk, to become a full-fledged Design QA member, dedicating great amount of time to this training. Ernest has shown exceptional leadership by mentoring, sharing best practices, andmost of allcontributing to Myk’s development as a qualified QA.