Summer is finally here and we decided to celebrate the beginning of it with another set of employee awards!

It is never easy to work with a team that is on the other side of the world — it requires a lot of patience as it can be very frustrating due to the time differences. Because of this, we decided to award this time especially people who contribute to the intercontinental aspect of our daily work.

This month’s CEO award winners are two people who not only managed to work with teams that were located on the other side of the globe, but also delivered excellent results with a smile on their face at the end of the day.

CEO Award – Denys Koval

Denys has been working very hard on managing website product development, assisting with WordPress package product launches and helping with the implementation of Google My Business Services.

In the short time Denys is here, he helped find endless solutions to the many issues and problems we encounter daily. He also does a great job in communicating with teams across the globe and does so with a positive attitude. It’s this attitude that makes every day working with Denys a good one!

CEO Award – Kelly Benson

Kelly has been with us for about 3 years now and she is going on strong. She works tireless from early mornings till late at night to ensure the launch of partners and products goes with ease. Need an example? She was a rock while launching the WordPress product with Melbourne IT!

Kelly is also a person that always helps others — you can always count on her to fix any problems that might occur.

She truly helps make a difference and positive impact on the lives of our SMB customers.

Operations Award – Elza Kampara

We are presenting the Employee of the Month award for June to an extremely hard-working and positive personality in the office. 

Elza is a Client Manager who has joined us fairly recently, however, in her short time here, she has already established herself as an energetic and dynamic member of her team, who is always ready to help and take on new partners and products, even if outside of her comfort zone.

In the month of June, she was the top performer in all categories including efficiency of processing orders through the system (always delivering ahead of deadlines) and brief scoring. From the very beginning she has handled customer calls with ease, conducting herself as an expert and leading with confidence.

On top of this, she is always calm under pressure, handles any adversity with a smile and a sense of humor, and will always go the extra mile to help her teammates, and most importantly her customers.

She is a delight to work with and we are thoroughly impressed with her progress so far.

Well done Elza!

Global Content & Design – Mirko Zeppieri

Being the point of reference for partners, you can imagine Mirko has a lot on his plate. He is always full of energy and ready to help everybody. He has a great eye on spotting issues and looking for solutions. He made a lot of lives easier by designing a huge range of templates which he is always ready to amend later on.

It is rare that you come across such a committed, proactive and lovable team member!

HQ Award – Bertram Croes

Bertram started as an intern many many years ago and is now one of our star Product Managers.

He is always looking into improving our platforms and services and has proven himself once again to be a strong team member. His vision to bring leads to small businesses and be the voice of the customer is what drives him, and that shows in his work.

But there’s more! During the day Bertram is a star in the Tech team but by night his other superpower shines through. You can find him behind the spintable as a talented DJ!

We are proud of you Bertram!

Melbourne Team Award – Toan Duong

Throughout the month of June, Toan was an incredibly solid and reliable team member, taking on the responsibility of being the main design go-to for the office due to another team members annual leave.

During this time, Toan was able to handle queries across a variety of partners and products, and ensure we maintained SLA’s and turnaround times, as well as deliver great quality design for our customers. Toan managed this all with no issue, no complaint, and was able to showcase both his abilities, as well as his all-round team player attitude.

Well deserved for this month, congrats!

Manilla Team Award – Ruel Mendoza

Ruel’s dedication truly contributes to our success. Manila team have been consistently improving productivity – all because of his all out contribution developing dashboards across all support groups. He has sacrificed time and effort to make this all happen. Ruel has also inspired other leaders to strive harder and come up with creative ideas.

Keep it up Ruel! We all look up to you!