As the summer draws to a close and we reminisce over 2 months worth of boat parties, beach day’s and post-work beer gardens, we also took the time to look back at the work we’ve been able to do during that time, and highlight some of our best performers.


Since we missed a month, this list is longer than usual to make sure the colleagues who really earned these spots got the recognition they deserve. So without further ado, read on to see who we crowned Employee of the Month for July and August, congratulations guys!

Davide Mancini – Content & Design – July

Davide has a strong can do attitude and no task is too big. He’s a great partner and sounding board for our Head of Content and Design, Brenden, collaborating on all things design and he has lead the team by example since he started with us at Spotzer. Davide is trusted to be a reliable leader and partner to the external teams we work with and has been able to develop a great working design team who all play their parts really well with Davide at the helm.

Jennifer Harper – Content & Design – August

Jennifer constantly impresses us at Spotzer, like so many people in the team, but the thing we love about Jennifer the most is that she utilises skills outside of her day to day repertoire and uses them to really shine. She has a great focus and always shows a willingness to go the extra mile, collaborate with any member on any project with dedication; she is firm, no fuss, stoic and always wants to achieve the best. To top things off she manages all of this with a smile on her face! What’s not to love, here’s to you Jennifer!

Yordan Yordanov – Operations – July

Where to start with Yordan?! We have a strong team helping us from Sofia, working in the background on a migrations project. It’s been really high volume and it’s been tough, but we’ve managed and in no small part is this down to Yordan’s input. We wanted to train someone quickly and remotely and he has been able to fill a gap for us, hardly needing to be managed at all, in fact we trained Yordan very quickly, and he caught on immediately and understood everything and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without him. So thanks for being such a great learner!

Amanda Pastilla – Operations – August

Amanda is someone who regularly gets emails from partners thanking them for their work. We can’t praise her enough for how extremely well she works with the partner and is shows from all of the great feedback we get from the partner on how smoothly and efficiently their account is being run. Internally, Amanda works well across the departments at Spotzer and despite the fact she hasn’t been with the business very long she is always clear, accurate and has great attention to detail, as well as finding the time to help coach others. Amanda epitomises the reasons we have such a great relationship with Fonecta

Gloria Hou – Technology – July

Gloria joined the tech team in December, and she has grown in every role she has had since then. Gloria joined the support team and really handled the volume well immediately and she wanted to grow her responsibilities, so we made that happen! We were able to add her to the QA team and she has hit the ground running, her manager describes her as a superstar with the funkiest hair on our floor (it’s currently a gentle shade of pink). Gloria has been a really quick learner and a great positive, happy presence in the team and just gets on with the tasks in front of her.

Ilke Gultekin – Technology – August

Ilke only joined us in July but has quickly made an immediate impression. Responsible for application development on our Spotzer Ads platform, Ilke has quickly got up to speed, and is already pushing the platform forward with many improvements, and is quickly becoming a star. We’re delighted to have him at Spotzer, and excited to see what he will produce next!

Aude Chalot – CEO Award July

She is a shining example of how to step up and take clear control over a complex area. Aude questions everything to ensure she has the best picture of how things are, she is fact and data driven and has shown she can coach a team well and deliver strong leadership. She remains on the phone to clients too, and the partner is very happy with her level of top quality service. 

As one of the most recent members of the management team, Aude has already taken a very strong position, working collaboratively, assisting her peers, sharing best practice and always taking full accountability for her area. She knows her numbers and has worked very quickly to ensure she keeps on top of targets at all times. 

Kevin van Eekhout – CEO award August

Kevin has been an excellent all round leader within the business, stepping up a lot over the last couple of months developing deep partner relationships with our existing partners and has taken it upon himself to lead the launch of a sales channel with one of our partners, to great success. Kevin is consistently accountable, he is a great team player and is always incredibly professional, he is a valued asset to the team and is exactly what we want to see in today’s leaders within Spotzer.

Massimo Marino – CEO Award August

Massimo has been with the business for several years now and has been a great contributor to the health and success of the business in that time. He has successfully been able to develop new sophisticated software for briefings which has seen a large decrease in revisions and much greater customer satisfaction since his initiative was launched. Massimo is very deserving of this award and often times makes big moves for Spotzer that a lot of people won’t be aware of so here is the recognition you have earned. Congrats!

Joe Scott – Content and Design, Australia – July

During the month of July, Joe has gotten across a wider range of copy tasks and responsibilities and really stepped into the role of Copy Services Manager. Now across all copy initiatives office-wide, Joe has been proactive with flagging areas for opportunity and improvement, as well as stepping up to ensure we meet the delivery on some tight order deadlines. Joe is a super reliable and positive member of the team, and therefore the award for July is well deserved!

Louise Davies – Operations, Australia – August

Throughout the month of August, Louise has been helping multiple partner accounts run seamlessly. Taking on various roles and duties with ease, Louise has stepped up, delivering high quality customer service. When combined with her highly efficient work ethic, she has achieved high NPS and easily completed her responsibilities.


As the ‘feeder’ in the office, Louise, as her own initiative also keeps the office fed with cheese, lollies and the occasional cake – Thank you!!

Michaella Toledo – Manilla – August

Mikee is very attentive and makes sure every job gets done including when a coworker has to miss whether it’s her responsibility or not. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is knowledgeable of the process and deserves recognition!