CEO Award — Maria Garefalaki 

Maria showed exceptional management skills during these last months. She is a perfect representation of our company values which are: working hard, having fun and doing her uttermost. Her leadership skills couldn’t stay unnoticed.  She truly understands the importance of developing people, teams and building efficiencies. Bravo, Maria!




HQ Award — Rui Silva 

Rui joined Spotzer in August 2019 and since then he constantly exceeds our expectations. With his extended knowledge in Tech Stack, he consistently presents viable solutions to problems, and seeks out for constructive feedback and opportunity for improvement. Rui constantly pushes himself and the team forward, he is highly reliable, and always gets things done. Although his last name is Silva, he is a true gold for his team.



Operations Award — Milka Palmu

In the month of October, one partner got in 130 new orders, and the team taking care of this partner sent out 153 drafts and set live 150 orders. All with a team of just 4 people.

Throughout that time, the team were focused, committed and genuinely determined to reach their target. And while this was all happening, there was not one complaint.

This is a team that understands the importance of our targets, our tools and the positive effect that it has on our customers.

A big thank you to this team and their achievements, and a big thank you and the Employee of the Month award to their Team Leader, Milka Palmu.


Global Design & Content Award — Elijah Ignacio

Elijah made a skyrocketing job during absence of some colleagues. He bravely stepped in and made a fantastic job working on multiple websites and making sure that everything will be in order during the migration of tasks. All this done while his other teammates were equally busy working on other projects. Elijah and his team made an astonishing job that’s worth recognition. Thank you!

Manila Team Award — Nathaniel Garcia

We are extremely fortunate to have Nathaniel in our team. He is dedicated, hardworking and well-organised. Nathaniel’s positive energy and inexorable desire to learn ignites enthusiasm in the team. Nate currently leads Manila MIT Team and simultaneously heads Production Support through his magic on Data Analytics and Management. He has been consistently contributing to the dashboards we use in Manila to measure productivity and overall efficiency. Nate also actively participates in meetings, allowing the team to understand our implicit needs and correct the direction in which our efforts should be concentrated.


Melbourne Team Award —  Gabrielle Jackson

Gabby has been a pivotal member of the team over a hectic period. With very little notice, she stepped up, learned how to work on a complicated WordPress partner account and completed not only high volumes of work, but work of a consistently high quality. Throughout this period, Gabby demonstrated her trademark work ethic and maintained a positive attitude, while also providing great suggestions to improve processes and efficiency.  Without Gabby, we would have struggled to keep up with demand. Thank you very much Gabby for your fantastic work!