Francesco Puppo — CEO Award

Some of colleagues are simply one of a kind and Francesco is surely one of them. He is focused on getting things right, has an eye for detail, and is highly committed to his team. Francesco tirelessly puts effort into improving things —  for the past several months, he was relentlessly working on improving our templates and work processes, which made a huge impact on the workflow.



David Elliott — CEO Award

Dave’s dedication doesn’t know the limits. For the last two years that he is working at Spotzer, he proved that he is a real trooper. There is no unbeatable task for him! He worked with different departments, overcoming all the challenges. Dave conquered love and respect not only from his colleagues but also from our partners.




Milka Palmu — Operations Award 

Milka joined Spotzer only a year ago as a Client Manager for Finnish Market and soon got promoted to the Team Leader position. Throughout the year, she showed fantastic growth, dedication, and development. Milka understands perfectly the business and business needs. She works hard and at the same time know how to have fun. As a leader, she is positive, dedicated, and she always takes care of her team!





Mari Koskelo — Global Design & Content Award

Mari has been consistent and worked extremely hard over the past year.

Mari has improved the monthly quality KPI scores from the partner and consistently achieved the pass rate (90%+) from February 2019. The highlight was in October, when the team reached a score of 100%.

In addition, Mari is always happy to help, has a great temperament, and is respected by all in the content team and across the business.




Lorenzo Stabile — HQ Award 

Lorenzo knows every aspect of our business. His dedication, hard work, and eagerness to learn more moved him through several positions to the Product Owner. For the last year, he expanded his focus from one partner to multiple ones, which made a huge impact on the workflow. Lorenzo is always happy to help, no matter what it will be: production support, QA test, or assistance at a job fair. His team and all Spotzer family are happy to have him on board.





Manila Team Award — Michael Villafranca

Myk has gone a long way from starting with Spotzer as Customer Support to being a full-fledged QA. I am a witness to Myk’s determination and eagerness to learn, taking the initiative of widening his technical knowledge and skills by taking up online courses, making the most out of his free time. Myk is very vocal about how he wants to seriously achieve his goals and actions speaks for it. He has been positively progressing since Day 1. Myk delivers quality work with an exceptional attendance record — consistently meets the highest attendance rating.




Melbourne Team Award — Michael Brennan

Michael has been the clear shining light for the APAC office in 2019. After being promoted from client manager to team leader early in his time with us, Michael has excelled. His drive to learn new things, understand processes, procedures, workflow and just about everything in between has allowed him to refine and improve almost every aspect under his control. From automation to managing and leading the team, his ability to stay calm, identify opportunities and succeed has not gone unnoticed. A very well deserving member of the team, Michael is respected by all and we recognise his contribution to the team and business!