CEO Award — Adam Noble


With limitless dedication and passion, Adam made a huge improvement in Melbourne’s office workflow by elevating the efficiency of the team and conducting training for the partner’s employees. He is helpful, considerate, responsible, and for 110% concentrated on the result. He earned this award by his readiness to solve every task in the best possible way and by his quick reaction and responsiveness to midnight mails from Amsterdam office.




Operations Award — Linnea Skarning


Being the only native speaker of the required language, Linnea looks after one of our smaller partners on her own. She does this exceptionally well; working autonomously and with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Linnea has learnt a lot as she’s worked on the account and has recently been through some technical changes with the platform she works on, adding design training to her skillset. Being completely responsible for customer success on this account, she has maintained an NPS score of +100 since July — every customer gives 10/10 for the level of service delivered by Linnea.


HQ Award — Steven Griffith


Steve is our network administrator and a tech support wizard (closes 500+ tickets each month). He provides reporting data for our systems, sets up our phone systems, moves desks, takes care of security, sets up new starters. He is our handyman, our pool table mover, and an unsung hero. Steve is someone who always stands up and takes on projects that aren’t part of their role or job description, but when a job needs to be done, he does it. A real all-rounder — both literally and physically!




Manila, Philippine — Debbie Rose Tolentino


With passion and dedication, Debbie is constantly taking the initiative on projects relevant to her department and effectively manages her team. She is now able to juggle multiple tasks at the same time without compromising the quality of service. Deadlines are met, planning on the next project is ahead of time, ideas become more and more creative.





Global Design & Content Award — Valerio Stefanori


Since starting, Valerio has moved into the role with confidence and showed great leadership and collaboration with the team and the partner. With total commitment and focus, Valerio has moved the subjective copy score from 6.6 to 8.7, objective — from 8.7 to 9.1, in just 3 months and reduced significantly the spelling mistakes per page.