In any Digital Marketing Service provided for SMBs, it is critically important to ensure that the customer journey is easy and simple for the customer. This requires ongoing optimisation to workflows to meet changing customer habits in any digital marketing service provided. In particular, for core products and services, from sales through to fulfilment and execution. Central to any business marketing activity is that the business has a fantastic, SEO optimised website presence. A clear and well-designed website helps build trust with the user. This is achieved through many factors.

A great website needs professional design and unique content. A design that mirrors and represents a business’ personality and brand online. Auto-generated sites can be a place to start, but it needs to be remembered that they are generally only a starting point. However, that’s also better than no presence. They typically lack the professional design and content that mirrors the business, because they are created from basic templates and not unique to the business category needs.

A follow-up service and good communication plan is critical to an auto-generated site model. A ‘set and forget’ approach here will result in churn and dissatisfaction. They can be a good model to use as a sales tool to upsell to a more meaningful website with unique design and content. As said, the follow-up communication strategy is critical.

A more meaningful site will drive more website conversions through clicks to call, contact form submits, or customers looking for directions through map integration on your website. Don’t miss out on conversions and leads for your customer. A good design process helps to understand what conversion opportunities will work best for the business, and how to design and place these conversion opportunities on the site. Do not underestimate the power of reputation on a site user. Put simply, a good-looking site will give a great first impression.

A key part of the process is having trained people talk to the customer and ask the right questions that are critical to getting a great brief. After this, having great designers and copywriters complete the site with unique content is the service and product that your customers crave.

Furthermore, building a process where you can easily upsell and add-on additional supporting products is not easy; you need the right workflows and customer journey well mapped out. However, it is essential to offer the add-ons to give a breadth of service and future-proof your customers’ needs for search marketing, as well as all other digital marketing services. This will increase customer satisfaction and NPS.

The talented team at Spotzer has mastered this over time, and with the ability to execute at scale. If this makes sense to you and is something you need support with, please contact us to see how we can help your business manage your SMB customers with digital marketing services.