Yatengamor ScalzoGlobal Design & Content Award


Yatengamor got promoted and joined the QA team in November 2019. Since then, he made an incredible work in Power BI — in particular, by looking after Turnaround Times for all workflows, a forecasting system for the Design QA team, and live site analytics. His positive attitude, thirst for knowledge, energy, and desire for improvement couldn’t stay unnoticed! Bravo, Yatengamor!


Kevin Mcintosh — Melbourne Award


Kevin is an integral member of the Australian team. He continually helps to find the right solutions for our customers, matching their business needs to digital omnichannel solutions. Time and time again, customers come back with glowing feedback on the service they received. This all starts with Kevin’s unique ability to discover and present solutions that make business sense and deliver in line with the customer timeline. On top of Kevin’s great performance in February, he consistently adds to the team morale, spirit and positive outlook. A reliable team player, his work ethic provides him the freedom to research, investigate and ultimately find the right solutions for every customer.


Safrina SuciptoOperations Award


The positive impact that Safrina brought into the team couldn’t stay unnoticed. She showed herself as a great member of a team. Safrina is a true team player, is always ready to help those who need it, she has a great eye for detail and passion for perfection. Her scores are rising, she got 9/10 for copy and design.


Xia Zheng — HQ Award


3 years ago, straight from the university, Xia joined Spotzer. Since then, many things have changed. She quickly moved from a part-time position to full-time, her tasks were changing and expanding. During this time, Xia has been growing in the role, she bravely seeks new tasks and challenges and she surprises her team members by the new, unconventional ideas for the process improvement


Honey Tirona — Manila Award


Honey showed huge development and great leadership skills during the last period of time. She is always ready to assist her teammates, is proactive and easily shares knowledge. Honey always makes sure that everyone is aligned with new processes. She also made a considerable contribution to the DM team’s improvements in quality and efficiency.


Bertram Croes — CEO Award


With consistent great work across departments, Bertram earned yet another award! This month Bertram stepped out and lead an internal project that spanned the entire business, all while continuing to manage the ongoing development of our proprietary digital advertising platform Spotzer Ads. His energy, positive vibe and eagerness for perfection and improvement move all the departments forward!