Now is the moment you need a great website that works

20% Spike in Restaurant Traffic for takeaway services   Are your restaurant customers getting found?   A lot of businesses may find that they have more time and less business on their hands than they would like. It’s the perfect opportunity to complete all the tasks you have been meaning to do. Perhaps your customers…

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Employee of the month — February 2020

Yatengamor Scalzo — Global Design & Content Award   Yatengamor got promoted and joined the QA team in November 2019. Since then, he made an incredible work in Power BI — in particular, by looking after Turnaround Times for all workflows, a forecasting system for the Design QA team, and live site analytics. His positive…

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Employee of the month — January 2020

CEO Award — Adam Noble   With limitless dedication and passion, Adam made a huge improvement in Melbourne’s office workflow by elevating the efficiency of the team and conducting training for the partner’s employees. He is helpful, considerate, responsible, and for 110% concentrated on the result. He earned this award by his readiness to solve every…

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Employee of The Month — December 2019

CEO Award — Dennis Amoey   Dennis joined the company 5 months ago and since then made a tremendous impact on the improvement of his department. Dennis showed a fantastic can-do attitude — he is always trying to do the best for the partners, customers and team. He is eagerly taking every challenge and solves…

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Employee of the Year 2019

Francesco Puppo — CEO Award Some of colleagues are simply one of a kind and Francesco is surely one of them. He is focused on getting things right, has an eye for detail, and is highly committed to his team. Francesco tirelessly puts effort into improving things —  for the past several months, he was…

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We are proud to announce that Spotzer was recognised as one of the best businesses across all of Europe and the UK. The company won the top prize in the Customer and Market Engagement at the European Business Awards 2019.   Previously, in September, Spotzer was named the Netherlands’ National Winner in the same category.…

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