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SPOTZER AND VENDASTA ANNOUNCE THEIR STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP   Spotzer is proud to announce their partnership with Vendasta, an end-to-end platform used exclusively by companies who sell digital products and services to small and medium businesses.   Spotzer aims to provide Vendasta’s clients with its award-winning marketing and web design services. Thanks to its global approach…

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Employee of the Month – July/August 2019

As the summer draws to a close and we reminisce over 2 months worth of boat parties, beach day’s and post-work beer gardens, we also took the time to look back at the work we’ve been able to do during that time, and highlight some of our best performers.   Since we missed a month,…

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Spotzer wins European Business Awards

The team at Spotzer are pleased to announce that we have won the coveted European Business Award in the Customer and Market Engagement category (national). We are very happy about the recognition and are now moving forward to the European final. Peter Urmson, Spotzer’s CEO said: “Our team has worked hard to put the customer at the centre…

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Employee of the Month – June

Summer is finally here and we decided to celebrate the beginning of it with another set of employee awards! It is never easy to work with a team that is on the other side of the world — it requires a lot of patience as it can be very frustrating due to the time differences.…

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Spotzer becomes a Google My Business strategic partner

Spotzer is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Google, with its Google My Business product. Spotzer, through its integrated automation, will provision the Google My Business listings as part of its product stack — the listings will be made available as part of the company’s integrated solution for the customers. Spotzer fully understands…

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Employee of the Month – May

CEO Award – Anna Pospisilova Anna has been dedicated to all employees of Spotzer since day one at the company, but during May she showed this better than ever before. She successfully managed many different issues across all parts of the HR team whilst others were on leave, ensuring all requests were done in a…

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Employee of the Month – April

CEO Award – Raphaela Wiedenhaus This month winner is an incredibly, strong woman who knows how to deal with stress and high demands. She leads her team with passion and knows how to keep her head cool whilst under fire. Everybody that works with her is mesmerized by her leadership, knowledge and presence. Well deserved!…

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Spotzer and Heise RegioConcept have announced their collaboration.

Spotzer and Heise RegioConcept have announced their collaboration. This venture sees Spotzer working closely with Heise RegioConcept to manage customer contact and fulfillment services of website products. Spotzer’s agency style approach provides state of the art customer journeys by focusing on great customer experiences and high quality website products, fully optimized for search engines. These…

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