Our team

Marketing professionals from every corner of the world

The Spotzer team comprises of hundreds of dedicated, creative marketing experts who hail from (almost) every continent. Over the past years, we have grown exponentially, with offices based in Amsterdam, Melbourne, Denver, Manila, and Sofia. Our experienced in-house team as well as an extensive network of freelance professionals speak more than 20 languages and allow us to reach thousands of clients around the globe.




SMBs Served


At Spotzer, our senior executive team has over 50 years of combined experience in the field of digital marketing, from both the partner and vendor side; this allows us to draw from a deep well of industry knowledge when consulting and serving our partners. That means you are not just getting world-class technology and services when working with Spotzer, but you are also getting the strategic advice of the best in the business.



Peter Urmson

Chief Executive Officer / Director

Peter (Pete) is the CEO / Director of Spotzer and the leader of the Executive Team. He is responsible for accelerating Spotzer’s product innovation and driving results across the globe. Pete has an extensive track record in digital marketing and is a leader in the industry. Prior to his time at Spotzer, Pete worked with several international, enterprise, and medium-sized organizations to launch their digital marketing services. Pete has worked as an executive with Telstra, Sensis, Fairfax, APN Media, and World Directories and he advises CEOs and boards on digital transformation and innovation.


Teun van der Kamp

Chief Financial Officer

Teun is our Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for driving Spotzer’s global financial operations. He brings extensive experience in finance, strategy, operations, and management. He is passionate about people and numbers, and combines these interests to help Spotzer achieve results for SMBs. Before joining Spotzer, Teun studied Econometrics, did an MBA, and spent 10 years as a strategy consultant for McKinsey.


Senior Leadership Team

Liesbeth van Doorne

Director of People and Culture

Liesbeth is our Director of People and Culture and is responsible for empowering and helping the business develop an amazing culture by working collaboratively with all departments and levels. She previously studied Industrial & Organizational Psychology at both University of Amsterdam and Colorado State University in the US. She has extensive experience as the HR manager at several (international) organizations and has a passion for culture, development, and change. She believes that culture doesn’t have to be a neatly wrapped package, but it should be authentic as it sustains employee enthusiasm and happiness which is essential to success.

Senior Leadership Team

Matt Christian

Director of Technology

As our Director of Technology, Matt ensures that our global tech and IT teams develop and deliver on a complex range of projects, whether it’s replacing legacy systems or designing new software solutions. He is a passionate team leader with a focus on extensible systems with improved scalability and performance.

Senior Leadership Team

Jon Stribling

Chief Digital Officer

As a Chief Digital Officer at Spotzer, Jon drives the delivery of cutting-edge digital products for our global markets. Jon is a senior leader in digital products and marketing, with extensive experience taking digital and online products to market and building high performing teams. Prior to joining Spotzer, Jon worked with digital marketing and advertising experts Sensis and the cloud-based internet technology service Melbourne IT.

Senior Leadership Team

Brenden Spencer

Senior VP of Operations and Agency

As our Senior VP of Operations and Agency, Brenden is responsible for the planning, production and output of our EU and UK teams. After years of leading several marketing and communications agencies and initiatives in Sydney, Australia, Brenden brought his extensive experience in client management, project management, brand development, marketing, and art direction to Spotzer.

Senior Leadership Team

Ash Lomberg

Chief Commercial Officer

Ash is our Chief Commercial Officer and is responsible for driving Spotzer’s global commercial objectives. He is a leader in digital strategy and business transformation, having launched several digital start-up businesses, including one of the world’s first crowd funding platforms. With 12 years of experience in sales, management, and marketing leadership roles, Ash helps to develop and maintain our relationships with our enterprise partners.

Senior Leadership Team

Bianca Bua

Senior VP Customer Success Italy

Bianca plays a critical role in the development and leadership of Spotzer’s Customer Success team from a partner management and operations perspective. With more than 10 years of international working experience under her belt, Bianca has a solid background in operational leadership roles within the web and marketing space for major B2B and B2C organizations. Experienced in process optimization, change management, and customer satisfaction, Bianca has a proven track record of successfully delivering projects in both technical and non-technical areas.

Senior Leadership Team

Doug Leister

VP of North American Operations

Doug is our VP of North American Operations, overseeing our Denver office. After earning his MBA, Doug spent the next 10 years leading growth and change in ecommerce, digital marketing, and SaaS businesses. Doug is passionate about organizational effectiveness and has extensive experience in talent management, process optimization, leadership development, and organizational design.

Senior Leadership Team

Paul Liascos

Managing Director – APAC

Paul has an extensive background in paid search, formally in senior roles within ReachLocal in Australia and the UK. Prior to ReachLocal, Paul worked extensively in the directory and search category targeting SME customers. He has a deep understanding of the APAC market and the requirements and needs of our partners in that region, along with being a global thinker with a passion for people, business, and digital solutions.

Senior Leadership Team

Ann-Charlotte Rosenblom

Chief Customer Officer

Ann-Charlotte is our Chief Customer Officer. Starting with Spotzer as a client manager she has also worked as a VP Partner Manager and thrives on delivering bespoke results for happy clients. Graduating with a Masters in Law from Sweden’s Lund University, Ann-Charlotte – or AC as she is known internally – is a global thinker with a passion for people, business, and digital solutions.



Andrew D. Klein


With a history of innovation and problem-solving, Andrew drives Spotzer’s expansion and services in digital spaces. He has started four other companies including Wit Capital, the investment bank that pioneered the use of the internet in public stock offerings. Andrew is also the co-founder and managing director of Ultra Capital, which finances small to medium sustainable projects in agriculture, energy, water, and waste. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Andrew lives in Amsterdam with his Dutch wife and three daughters.


Sierra Ventures

Sierra Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm focused on investments across all areas of the information technology sector, from semiconductors to enterprise software. Sierra Ventures has managed nine venture capital partnerships and currently has more than $1.5 billion of capital under management.


SV Angel

SV Angel is a Silicon Valley angel fund established by Ron Conway, one of the world’s most prolific and successful angel investors. Current investments include early stage investments in Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.