Help your clients improve business efficiency by 600% with Ad-Direction

Ad-Direction, our proprietary SEM platform, was built specifically to optimise performance advertising budgets in order to dominate search results in local geographical areas. To do this, we employ a complex location taxonomy to ensure that each campaign intelligently targets the villages, towns and cities that will provide the best possible return on your clients’ advertising investment.

Proven results, guaranteed

Our unique platform is populated with vast content libraries that include keywords and ads for more than 1400 categories, allowing for automated campaigns that are guaranteed to deliver results.

Keyword monitoring

Ad-Direction runs a set of proprietary algorithms throughout the day to evaluate each search engine and keyword, shifting spend accordingly to improve the performance of ad campaigns.

Lead generation

With keyword-level bidding, Ad-Direction continuously assesses which keywords are generating phone calls and emails to better prioritise spending and maximise lead volume for the business.

Industry-recognised performance

In a recent test among top industry platforms, Ad-Direction was voted Best in Class for:
Campaign Performance & Optimisation
Campaign Management
Multiple Search Engine Support
Supported Features

Intelligent campaign optimisation

At Spotzer, we understand that minor details can be the difference between a good and a great search campaign. Our platform was built to grow and optimise based on real results, creating better ad campaigns out of smaller budgets. That's the power of intelligent optimisation.
Ad-Direction carries out automated testing to ensure campaigns are more favorable to high-performing keywords while punishing poorly performing keywords.
A partner has the ability to preview or override intended bids, gain insights into primary constraints, and can either include or exclude keywords from bid optimisation.
Objective ad spend ROI as well as reporting and feedback tools are used to help the customer to understand the value and performance of the optimised campaign.
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