Spotzer Employees of the Month: January 2017

The start of the year has already come and gone, and Spotzer has been busier than ever. The entire team has clearly carried over the impressive work ethic from our successful 2016 into the new year, but six individuals really went above and beyond in the month of January. As such, we are celebrating them as our Employees of the Month. CEO Award Fabrizia Sbrega - Italian Client Manager Team Lead - Amsterdam Office Fabrizia is the true personification of the Spotzer way. She is tenacious, dedicated to her colleagues and customers, always smiling, and [...]

February 22nd, 2017|

Spotzer Announces Gold Partnership of LOCALCOMM 2017

Spotzer is proud to announce that we will be a gold level partner of SIINDA’s LOCALCOMM 2017, taking place at the end of March in London, UK. SIINDA is the leading, Europe based, non-profit association that is bringing together companies in the search (digital, mobile, print, vertical directories and platforms), information, and telecommunication sectors as well as businesses providing “on demand” services. It is comprised of some of the largest and most influential global leaders in the search and information industry, including Google, Bing, Yext, Uberall, FCR Media, and many more. This year, LOCALCOMM will [...]

February 9th, 2017|

Spotzer Brings On Key Product Managers To Lead Into 2017

As the Spotzer team comes off a successful 2016, we are leading with momentum into the new year with a continued focus on our product and technology teams. When it comes to identifying how to compete effectively with digital marketing, we understand that there are a multitude of challenges facing SMBs. That’s why we’ve optimised our technology and services to make it easy for businesses to get online with best-in-class tools and to have the right level of support to be successful. Today’s customer journey is fragmented as the digital world becomes even more prevalent [...]

January 18th, 2017|

Spotzer Leads With Momentum Into 2017

After a year of unprecedented growth, Spotzer is poised for another year of success in 2017 as the company expands on its mission to deliver best in class digital marketing solutions to SMBs around the globe. First and foremost for Spotzer, 2016 was a year of incredible internal growth. We significantly grew our teams, adding talented digital marketing professionals as well as expert developers from around the globe to the Spotzer family. We now have two ‘Centres of Excellence’ operating in Manilla, Philippines and Sofia, Bulgaria to support our operations in Europe, APAC, and the [...]

January 16th, 2017|

2016 Employee of the Year Awards

2016 has come and gone, and it certainly has been a banner year for us here at Spotzer. With numerous new faces, many new partners, and two new offices, 2016 was the biggest (and busiest) year ever for the business. Of course, this tremendous growth would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of each and every one of the individuals around the globe that make up the Spotzer family. However, six specific employees truly went above and beyond throughout the year in their contributions to the business and as such were [...]

January 6th, 2017|

Spotzer Employees of the Month: November 2016

November was another month of rapid growth for us here at Spotzer, with many exciting updates and new team members. With things moving so quickly, everyone in the company contributed significantly to the overall success of the business, yet the following employees deserved extra recognition for going above and beyond in their roles. CEO Award Bianca Bua – VP Customer Success Italy – Amsterdam Office Bianca has been the driving force behind one of the largest partner launches Spotzer has ever undertaken. Not only has she managed to successfully onboard and extensively manage this new [...]

December 9th, 2016|

Spotzer Basketball Team Competes in First Tournament

Last Friday evening, Spotzer's Center of Excellence team took to the basketball courts of Manila to compete in their first ever "SportsFest" event against other teams from their shared-office space.   Incredibly motivated and having practiced for weeks, the team was hungry for success, bursting onto the court and immediately smashing hoops to show they meant business. Wearing custom-made uniforms, names emblazoned on the back, the team led confidently for the first three quarters, but finally conceded in the fourth after fighting tooth and nail in a game they should be proud of. Win or [...]

November 18th, 2016|

Spotzer Employees of the Month: October 2016

October was another banner month for all of us here at Spotzer, with incredible growth and lots of new faces. With so many people contributing to the business in big ways, it was another tough call when it came to choosing our Employees of the Month! Read on to find out just who was recognized this month. CEO Award Ann-Charlotte Rosenblom - Chief Customer Officer - Amsterdam Office Ann-Charlotte (or AC as we call her) is well known around the office for her fanatical work ethic and unparalleled commitment to the business. Over her time [...]

November 8th, 2016|

Google to Create Separate Mobile Search Index

Earlier this month, Google announced at the digital marketing conference Pubcon that they will be creating a separate index based on mobile searches. This mobile first index will be the company’s primary search index, with the current desktop index becoming a secondary, backup index, even for desktop searches. As mobile searches continue to outpace desktop searches, this announcement comes as no surprise to those of us working in the search and information industry. However, it could have a drastic impact on current search rankings and means that websites may potentially rank differently depending on whether [...]

October 28th, 2016|

Henk Rek and Maggie Ruan Celebrate Monumental Anniversaries at Spotzer

Yesterday at our headquarters in Amsterdam, we celebrated the monumental work anniversaries of two colleagues, Henk Rek and Maggie Ruan. From our start as a very successful video company, Henk and Maggie have been with us and are now two of our longest tenured employees, celebrating their 10-year and 8-year anniversaries, respectively. A decade ago, Henk Rek joined Spotzer when we were just a fledgling video production company. Through the years, his role has evolved dramatically, as has the business at large. He currently serves as our Facilities & Post Production Manager and makes sure [...]

October 26th, 2016|

Audrey Tolbert Joins Spotzer to Lead Power Content Efforts

Spotzer is pleased to announce today that Audrey Tolbert has joined the team as the company's new Senior Content Manager. Tolbert joins from Foursquare, the innovative location intelligence company headquartered in New York City. During her tenure, Tolbert led Foursquare’s content efforts, crafting the brand voices of Foursquare as well as its sister app Swarm, and oversaw all social media marketing strategy and execution. She was also instrumental to the company’s B2B marketing efforts and contributed to the successful launch of their self-service ad platform for SMBs. Tolbert's background positions her perfectly to lead Spotzer’s power content [...]

October 25th, 2016|

Spotzer CEO Named to the Board of SIINDA

Spotzer is proud to announce that CEO Pete Urmson was recently named to the board of SIINDA, the Search & Information Industry Association. The appointment was officially announced earlier this month at the "Local Reach" conference held in Ljubljana. SIINDA is the leading, European based, non-profit association that is bringing together companies in the search (digital, mobile, print, vertical directories and platforms), information, and telecommunication sectors as well as businesses providing “on demand” services. It is comprised of some of the largest and most influential global leaders in the search and information industry, including Google, [...]

October 21st, 2016|