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Website migrations and client management handled by award-winning IT professionals. Progress your digital operations more efficiently with Spotzer.

Seamless migration services

Moving to a new server? Changing the CMS platform to one more fitting your current needs? Or maybe wishing to update your current platform to the most recent version of it? Whatever the reason behind the decision to migrate your clients’ websites, we can help.
Our experts, including back-end developers and QA testers, have successfully managed transfers of hundreds of thousands of websites between various platforms, all done in a seamless and issue-free way.
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Global Client Management

Thanks to our expert team of people speaking over 20 languages and based in 4 global offices, we are able to handle Client Management for any market, in any timezone. Whatever your exact needs, we are able to adjust and train our experts accordingly.

With Spotzer’s worldwide Client Management services, you’ll start establishing authentic customer trust from the first call.
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