Data-driven paid
search optimisation

Spotzer leverages the power of Ad-Direction along with industry-leading practices and professional client managers to improve ad spend efficiency by 600%.

Translating experience into results

We know how to get SMBs noticed online. The key difference between Spotzer and competitors comes in our years of experience with an extensive, localised database that spans across more than 16 markets worldwide. We automate using Ad-Direction and our content library to implement a premium campaign that delivers guaranteed value for your customers with minimal resource expenditure.

Dedicated search engine management

We never forget that conversions are the end goal of every digital marketing campaign. We work with your clients to ensure they get their money’s worth from both PPC campaigns and organic traffic. Receiving a positive return on ad spending drives the way we develop the Ad-Direction platform and our strategic efforts.


Our paid search platform improves business efficiency by 600%

• Delivers objective ad spend ROI
Monitors keywords to favour high-performing terms
Dynamically shifts spending to maximise conversions
Allows bid customisation at customer and partner level
Features robust feedback and reporting tools
Offers a keyword content library optimised for 1400+ verticals

Best in class

Ad-Direction was built specifically to optimise performance advertising budgets and dominate search results in local geographical areas. We employ a complex location taxonomy to ensure that each campaign intelligently targets the villages, towns and cities that will provide the best possible return on your clients’ advertising investment.

In a recent test among top industry platforms, Ad-Direction was voted Best in Class for:

 Campaign Performance & Optimisation
• Campaign Management
• Migration
• Multiple Search Engine Support
• Supported Features