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Fully integrated marketing solutions built with your customers in mind

At Spotzer, we understand that not all businesses have the same focus and values. With years of experience working with over 450,000 SMBs around the globe, we boast unrivalled insight into the needs and challenges of SMBs in the digital age. We work closely with your product, technology and operational teams as a true collaborative partnership. We bring unrivalled experience that offers your clients the benefit of our partnership, allowing us to optimise their online offering, resulting in increased leads, calls, revenue, traffic and online visibility for their business as well as yours.

Our flexible business model means that the components of our product suite can easily be configured to satisfy the unique needs of your customer base. We provide high-quality content, technology, fulfillment services, white label telesales, customer billing and a range of complementary services and products to help your customers to find the exact support they need at a level they can afford.

Invest in the success of your customers

Digital marketing can be incredibly challenging for SMBs, but we’ve built our business on turning challenge into opportunity. We believe that success boils down to a simple principle: stop guessing and start delivering. The partner programs we offer have been designed based on the evolving needs and new problems posed by the digital marketing space. By partnering with Spotzer, you gain more than just a flexible ally in delivery; you gain the insight and thought leadership needed to identify what works (and what doesn’t) for your customers.

In short, Spotzer is uniquely positioned to offer you and your clients the products that they actually need – from our industrialised process-driven, state-of-the-art, agency-quality designed websites to a comprehensive web presence and eCommerce solution that ticks all of the boxes (including the ones that SMB owners don’t know about) bundled with PPC campaign management in our proprietary Ad-Direction PPC platform and business listing management solutions.

Perfect your pricing model with our flexible products

Our adaptive pricing and product offering makes it easy and profitable to partner with us. We deliver results across the board for our partners and their SMB clients alike; our extensive product portfolio and our high customer retention rate stand as proof that we are a sound investment for solid revenue growth year on year. We focus on more than just client satisfaction, going above and beyond to deliver calls for you and your customers as we work to improve your margins and increase advertiser retention. Backed by our global experience and attention to detail, we support more than just your clients; we support your business as a whole.

What can you expect from Spotzer?

Seamless integration

Modern agency quality, productised web design

Content that works

Best-in-class technology with lots of automation

Robust reporting

Bespoke service

Why Spotzer?

Since establishment in 2006, Spotzer has worked with more than 30 resellers across 16 markets, including some of the world’s largest yellow page publishers and media groups.

Our flagship offerings are our globally recognised approach to website design and fulfillment and customer management, bundled in with our PPC product and campaign management. This is an all-in-one solution that seamlessly combines responsive online presence with call-optimised paid search and SEO campaigns. The unprecedented agility means that we can deliver quality results in a short timeframe; our fast turnaround and dedication to partner satisfaction truly mark Spotzer as unique in a crowded market.

With offices in Amsterdam, London, Melbourne, Denver, and Manila, we have built an experienced in-house team and a large network of freelance professionals, speaking more than 14 languages and hailing from (almost) every continent. This diversity in people, backgrounds and working methods allows us to achieve unprecedented integration between our services and platforms to deliver a truly integrated digital marketing solution that puts the needs of you and your customers first.

With our large proprietary content libraries, powerful technology and network of creatives, we achieve great quality, cost and speed advantages.

Give your customers solutions that deliver leads and calls – partner with Spotzer today.

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