Powerful digital
marketing solutions

Ready to integrate and launch on a moment’s notice

We offer to our partners a fully white label solution in a smart way to diversify revenue and keep end customers happy. You may not know it, but you’ve probably already seen and interacted with a Spotzer product. We solve SMB marketing problems for major brands around the world.

Search Platforms and Business Directories

You have customers, we have the products, services and tools they need. We will position your business for a seamless transition to diversified digital revenues. Our products deliver obvious value to SMB customers who are looking to transition from the phone book, making it easy to leverage an existing customer base. Tight SLAs mean you will avoid costly in-house production without sacrificing control.

Hosting Companies

We help hosting companies extend their reach with commoditized digital products and services. SMB clients are looking to consolidate their online marketing efforts, and the trust these customers place in their domain provider can easily be leveraged into satisfaction with Spotzer-produced products. From small add-ons to complete packages, we offer smart solutions that reduce churn and integrate seamlessly via API to ensure a smooth customer journey.


As a telecommunications provider, you are an important contributor to SMB success, and you rely on the trust and respect you have earned from your customers. With Spotzer’s products, you can confidently leverage your current sales channels to provide diversified revenue across a broad, yet customer-centric product offering.


More than anyone, you understand the importance of digital with confidence and intelligence. Spotzer is an innovator, always finding ways to adapt to changing audiences and fine-tune outreach efforts. From premium content products and articles that boost your readership to websites and digital services your advertisers need, we can fill the gaps as you leap to digital.


As a platform agnostic company, we can work with your platform to grow your subscription base and strengthen the perception of your platform’s performance capabilities. Our leading-edge designs draw tangible attention to your platform, while our network encourages collaboration with the world’s largest enterprises.

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